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  1. Worked, install and running! Already preordered my copy of 4.1! Cant wait!!!!
  2. Working lol, it was my error like I said lol, I knew I was missing something, I missed the corrupt file in the Downloads folder on my PC, I deleted it off the desktop but it was lingering in that folder and caused all my issues, installed correctly and THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SO much, just excited to be back!!!!
  3. Ill let you know, about to try again, I don't think its an error on their end because I did it before when I went from 3.2 or whatever to 4.0 in 16... Just haven't done it since lol.
  4. Bingo it was me, I am an idiot, I found the file, I didnt think it saved it to downloads but it did, I thought I deleted it out. I am so so so so so so sorry you all.
  5. Yea sorry for making duplicates I guess, do you want me to delete this one because i can, wasn't sure if I needed to make a new topic for this or just keep using the old one, I really am sorry.
  6. Also want to add, I am also getting this error as well.
  7. I want to apologize to Mr. Snake in advance, I bothered this person last week with my issue but I didn't want to keep bothering you and I felt silly like I was doing something wrong so I left it alone but it's driving me up the wall, I read the how to install on the update install but it's acting like the file is corrupted when I extract it.... I took some screen shots of what is going on, I am not sure what I am doing wrong or what to do and I want to apologize if it's just me being stupid. I am sorry, but I am lost now.
  8. O ok, thanks, I'll delete them. When I do get the set up going it says insert disk 1, just confused on how to install this, I read the instructions on the website about how to update.
  9. Last question, I'm trying to update and every time I go to update to 4.0, I keep getting this error.... I'm also getting this "You need to have the following volume to continue extraction" I'll take a picture of both to show you. Sorry for bothering the community!
  10. You are awesome!!!! So I do have 4.0, I forgot how to update this.
  11. First question is, I have SB Pro PE 3.0, now I got this in 2014, I upgraded it to the 4.0 license when that came out around 2016, now the thing is, my mother board quit working and then I had to have heart surgery and I just recently built my new P.C. and went to reinstall steel beast on my new rig, well I'm not sure if 4.0 is still on my code meter stick or not, when I installed it and opened the game up, it said version 3.0, I can't tell if the codemeter has the 4.0 still on it? Reason I ask is because I want to preorder 4.1 and don't know which one to get. I haven't installed the 4.0 update yet, would 3.0 work with a 4.0 license on the codemeter stick? Second question is alot easier, for some reason I can't go into 3rd person, how can I make my tank go into third person??? I've pushed F1-F4 and nothing gives me the outside view of the tank. Thanks in advance!!!!
  12. Sorry, i was meaning to update this, i fixed it.... I didnt have direct x sdk, had to download it from windows. Good to go now and back on the battlefield!!! One last question for you, i was wanting to upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0, i know its 40 dollars for the upgrade, is the upgrade instant or do they mail out a new disc and codemeter? Wasnt sure if you knew. Thank you for your help!!! Hope this helps someone else.
  13. Hello everyone, So i haven't played steel beast in a year or so and i had a license for 3.0 steelbeast pro on a codemeter stick. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application 3 times... The errors im getting are as follows... (Generic application error Switching to the reference rasterizer, a software device that implements the entire Direct 3D feature set, but runs very slowly.) Next it says (Warning: Nothing will be rendered. The reference rendering device was selected, but your computer only has a reduced-functionality reference device installed. Installed DirectX SDK to get the full reference device.) Then it says (Generic application error This program will now exit.) I have reinstalled direct x 4 times, also my nvidia drivers, i am stumped. I upgraded to windows 10, only thing different from now and last year. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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