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  1. Thx Grenny for the reply. What are more differences with those versions?
  2. I do not think this is a Sb pro problem but a question from a user. On this forum are users who have much more experience than me. Maybe i missed something in the game. Gr
  3. I did just tested it. See no difference with reloading time.
  4. Good Morning, I test the Gun dispersion with the CV90/35NL. It is working very good. With dispersion on the rounds fall around on the target and with dispersion off the rounds always hit exactly the middle. Now I have this problem. With dispersion on I want the round to deflect to a certain place on the target. I used a nato target. How does it come i see no difference?
  5. Hi Gibson, I just tried it with 3 rounds left. There was no alarm and the reloading time still is about 15 minutes Gr Hadders
  6. Thx Snake for the reply. Indeed it has to turn the turret at 3 o'clock but for both ammo types. The only disadvantaged is that it takes a long time. About 15 minutes. Gr Hadders
  7. Hi, I got a question about reloading the CV90 Dutch version. All of my APFSDS-T are out. When I want to reload I turn turret 6 and hit the vehicle reload button. But it wont reload. Why does nothing happen? Did I forgot something? Gr Hadders
  8. Thanks Froggy, Indeed I just got the units player controlled. Thx for the help.
  9. Goodmorning, I am working on a scenario. Now i have this problem. When I start my scenario and i am in the planning fase I see that some waypoints and tactics are visible and some are not. If you see the pictures the yellow one are not fissible and the red are fissible. How does this come? Picture 1 is scenario editor and picture 2 is in the game. I am using Sb Vs 2.721.
  10. Goodmorning, Well thx for youre replys. I think I was confused because of every round that hit the ground I saw 3 smoke clouds. Have a nice day
  11. Hi I am building an scenario to train adjusting artillery. Now when i ask artillery from my Fo Team I always get a maximum of art shots. It must be if am asking an adjust fire i only get one round and then i can make an adjust. In this scenario i have a platoon of m109 to my disposal.I the screen shot you see the call for fire just bevore sending. I would appreciate if anyone can help me.
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