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  1. SAM teams

    British Forces had rapier integral air defense system. And is still in use today most recent use was 2012 Olympic games as part of air defense system. Usually operated by the Royal Artillery air defense sqn and royal air force regiment During Gulf War One, 12 and 16 Regiment Royal Artillery tracked batteries, combined to provide Tracked Rapier support to deployed armoured regiments.
  2. SB Pro PE Workstation

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/CEDEQ-ENTERPAD-P120-Programmable-USB-MACRO-TAN-Keypad-KEYBOARD-JE-/291806292443 $20.00 but doesn't deliver to UK ?
  3. I will attend traffic permitting..... also anybody who dosnt sign up and turns up on the day will only be aloud to play if slots are available
  4. Sho't Kal please......work dependent
  5. Maybe Aye Maybe Naw depends on work load
  6. RWS daysights broken in 4.004

    This inst just in the RWS its also on normal day sights in the forest environment but only on Multi Player
  7. Will try my best but its work and traffic dependent
  8. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    CVR(T) Scimitar should have Ranging / Lasing. Thermial image current site system is correct and is lased where the bore sight is. But gunner still manually adjusts the gun using the reticals.
  9. 4.0 Bug reports

    Had a few issues with the SEP when lasing with. HEAT round or similar. The round fly well over the target. Have tried it in different magnification but still same issue.
  10. SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread

    Out standing work guys. just played 4 back to back multi player missions with 2 others, it ran like a dream the textures on the vehicles are a great immersion adder as well as the smoke particals especially the smoke generator. Rotar left his on and couldnt see a thing ???
  11. SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread

    great and thanks
  12. SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread

    I think its the best way due to the issues we had last time and the amount of posts made on broken stuff. when its ready its ready we all trust your judgement so keep up the good work.
  13. Gibsonm, some times i think you are the Katie Hopkins of the steel beasts community. Con put alot of time and effort in his mission. Its not a dig at DoW its a dig at an individual. Some of your comments and posts are negitive and make others to feel depreciated. Constructive criticism is one thing but nit picking is an other
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Thermal sight for CVR(T) and Warrior BGTI if possible or at a push ESPIRE I use the scimitar allot in Multiplayer missions its speed and mobility is a amazing and effective but lacks on a Battlefield surveillance sight. thanks in advance.