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  1. On 1/8/2017 at 1:24 AM, Gibsonm said:




    British, Australian, Canadian and other armoured units didn't have integral air defence then either. Pretty sure the US didn't as well.





    British Forces had rapier integral air defense system. And is still in use today most recent use was 2012 Olympic games as part of air defense system.

    Usually operated by the Royal Artillery air defense sqn and royal air force regiment  

    During Gulf War One, 12 and 16 Regiment Royal Artillery tracked batteries, combined to provide Tracked Rapier support to deployed armoured regiments. 



  2. Had a few issues with the SEP when lasing with. HEAT round or similar. The round fly well over the target. Have tried it in different magnification but still same issue.




  3. Out standing work guys.

    just played 4 back to back multi player missions with 2 others, it ran like a dream the textures on the vehicles are a great immersion adder as well as the smoke particals especially the smoke generator.

    Rotar left his on and couldnt see a thing ???

  4. 1 hour ago, Ssnake said:

    As much as I hate breaking the news, the prudent decision is to delay the release until after the weekend.


    I think its the best way due to the issues we had last time and the amount of posts made on broken stuff.

    when its ready its ready we all trust your judgement so keep up the good work.

  5. 19 hours ago, Gibsonm said:


    Not a dig at DoW (or the scenario design) but I'm not sure how painting a 7th Armoured Division symbol adopted in 1943 on vehicles used in a 1941 battle can persuade the brain that you are driving a Crusader / Matilda II instead of an M1A2 SEP.


    I'm glad some have such a powerful imagination. :)





    some times i think you are the Katie Hopkins of the steel beasts community.

    Con put alot of time and effort in his mission. Its not a dig at DoW its a dig at an individual. Some of your comments and posts are negitive and make others to feel depreciated. Constructive criticism is one thing but nit picking is an other

  6. Thermal sight for CVR(T) and Warrior BGTI if possible or at a push ESPIRE


    I use the scimitar allot in Multiplayer missions its speed and mobility is a amazing and effective but lacks on a

    Battlefield surveillance sight.


    thanks in advance.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Lumituisku said:

    As much as I love Marders and Cv9030, Im willing to fill any of those missing slots. Like said, I have done OPFOR role many o times for Dog's.


    I'm as well well capable of handling FO and artillery as well as Recon. 


    I think Wilso from DOW has quite a passion for Engineer units. :)



    Talked with many DOW members and really we are we flexible folk. Most of us are capable of filling missing roles, and some even able to handle even more. 

     Thanks mate :D

  8. You may find the shield closed and a strategic cover ( shroud) placed over the commanders display but I will say the best of british to you.

    As for Scot dragoons they are no longer a MBT regiment as they have reroled like many other tank regiments.

    All that remain now are The Queens Royal Hussars, The Kings Royal Hussars and the Royal Tank Regiment.

    I will look out my own information and sources from regiment and my old course notes............hmmmmm looks like I will be stuck in the attic for a while.

    Didn't mean for this to cause a big stir.

  9. To be honest It dosn't have to be accurate to the spec of the sight system, but but for the platform to have more use than make it seem like an old Cold War relic would be useful.

    In all my time served I never under stood the entire secret behind the platform, as we took them to shows and open days where the gen public could sit inside.

    Now that I don't serve I have been using they steel beasts a lot more as I was foolish in the early days to buy VBS 2.:mad3:

    Didnt want to announce my former job as it might have seemed impertannat

  10. No the commanders persi is thermal, day and range: click on the british army link i posted.

    "Challenger 2's thermal observation and gunnery displays a magnified image for the commander and gunner. The commander has a gyro-stabilised fully panoramic sight with laser range finder and thermal imager" Extracted from link.

  11. Hi all,

    Was wondering if there was a reason that the CR2 doesn't have thermal system on the commanders peri?

    The commander peri should have the following:



    The commander and gunner work as a hunter killer where he can scan and designate targets while the gunner engages or scans his arcs.


    also this goes for the scimitar and warrior that both have thermal gunners and commander using the BGTI ( Battle Group Thermal Imager)

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