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  1. Challenger 2 : Loaders position crewable both loading and using the GPMG when turned out/ unbuttoned Scimitar: the current scimitar in service has lase function where the gunner lases his target and uses the range graticules to manual aim and adjust. Missing the thermal system for the gunner and commander. Uses BGTI system as well as NV capability A system where the gun is kept tight when firing as it's not as inacurate as it is on the sim. Titan Bridge Layer: with its 27m bridge. Interchangeable bridges that can be ground dumped or stocked. CRARRV: for recovery of challenger and warrior Ability for troop level recovery e.g. Scimitar breaks down and is towed by the other troop vehicle. This list is not just for british vehicles but I only know fully about these vehicles.
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