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  1. Can FOV be increased?

    I have just upgraded my monitor to 3440x1440. And I agree with Japo32, there should be fov option setting for this game.
  2. thanks Ssnake. can you recommend some good SP missions with M2A2 in it?
  3. Thanks Ssnake and RedWardancer for the replies. Yes after levelling the slope bubble at F3 view, the TOW can be launched. And finally I have found out how to finish this mission. At point 5, you have to order M2A2 to "proceed". Then hit all the remaining tanks with M2A2. Also I can destroy a T72M1 with M2A2 main gun (M919 APFSDS-T) alone. Is this realistic? Thanks Rotareneg for updating the mission. I will try yours.
  4. Hi Guys, I have played "Troops" mission from M2A2 tutorial missions. However, I can not finish the mission. I have put both soldiers in the bunker. However, I notice they only shoot with their ATGM two times. And then no more, out of ammo? How can I tell them to reload the ATGM? Is it possible? I have played the mission three times, so far the best the troops can do: they only hit one tank. The rest of the tanks, do I have to hit them with M2A2 ? But when I try to use TOW, they won't launch. From outside view (F8), I can see the missile launcher goes up and down, but they won't launch. what is wrong here? is this a bug? Please advise.
  5. SB Pro PE 3.02x

    do I also need to erase the scenario and maps folder before installing the new version?
  6. SBProPE64cm.exe: Start Error ?

    thanks Ssnake. that fixes the problem.
  7. SBProPE64cm.exe: Start Error ?

    Hi Ssnake, It seems that my CMOS battery is weak, so after a long time I did not turn it on, the date get reset to 1 Jan, 2010. But now after I reset the date to Dec 17, 2014, that same error remains, how do you get rid of it?
  8. SBProPE64cm.exe: Start Error ?

    Hi Guys, After a long pause, today I try to run SBProPE64cm.exe. However, I get this error: I have checked my codemeter, there seem nothing wrong. Do you know what caused it? Please advise. Regards, Tirta
  9. Panzer Elite PP2-x released

    Yes, it is truly a great update. I notice the wheels on the moving tank moves up and down. This is something which even the tanks on the latest sb pro pe do not have.
  10. 66 stories of battle command

    the link for 66stories.pdf is dead. can somebody please reupload it? thanks.
  11. Just dropped by...

    what is wrong with sb gold? I think it is still a good game. For a beginner and for those who plays only sp like me, it has more sp missions which are more suitable for beginners. Yes, you can play those on 3.019, but you have to edit it first, mostly the map and the scoring, so it takes more time. so for learning purposes, even though I have 3.019, I still play sb gold.
  12. Rock, Paper, Scissors scenario

    Hi Ssnake, You are correct about the arrow orientation. That is the culprit. I don't know why it is being changed, on the original sb gold version, it is from wp47 to wp28. Hi Gibsonm, Thanks for the youtube links. I have watched the first two, they are indeed very informative and useful for beginners like me. Please let me know other links if you have.
  13. Rock, Paper, Scissors scenario

    Thanks Gibsomn for the explanation about detaching/attaching units. I have played with Rock, Scissors, PaperProPE (Original v.3.019).sce again. And I have noticed something strange. When I make new route and connect it with waypoint 47, my platoon should go to waypoint 47, then go to waypoint 28, then 31. [ATTACH]13236[/ATTACH] However, they just stop at waypoint 47, even after I take control and press "c", they still won't move. why? I have tried a few times, the result is the same. Then, because they won't move, I make a new route to 28. Now, they move. However, after reaching waypoint 28, they won't go to waypoint 31, but circling endlessly around it, and as the result, they always get killed by enemy tanks up north. I set tactics on "march" from 47 to 28, then "engage" from 28 to 31. What is wrong here?
  14. Rock, Paper, Scissors scenario

    If I detach one tank from 1/A and one from 2/A. And I want attach those 2 tanks to each other, but they won't. How do you do it? Is there a way?
  15. thanks guys for the replies, I will try them. I never command a company before, how do you suppose to use APC/IFV properly? what is the general rule? against tanks, they seem to die easily.