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  1. Yeah I raised my eyebrow at the headlights being on 😄 I'll likely invest in it, but the dev timeline is very long with this currently being a single developer passion project.
  2. Cheers Ssnake I didn't think you would be. But to be honest I couldn't be bothered to check for any forums rules, so resorted to any easy caveat!
  3. At the risk of angering the forum Gods by talking about an almost competitor product, though I don't really think it is, has anyone come across Steel Gear: Stalingrad? https://www.steelgearsimulator.com/Home/Home It's very early access and has a roadmap of years more development but it looks intriguing! Seems like a one man band developing it. I'm very tempted to get in on the alpha while I can, but I'm finding precious little out about it other than feeds from the developer directly. Maybe I'll just take a twenty euro punt on it? It's certainly a lot more gamey than steel beasts but I'm hopeful it won't go full world of tanks mmo. Thoughts my fine tank loving brethren?
  4. I agree. I've had precious little time with this version so far but what I have seen is fantastic! Very much looking forward to real life giving me a bit of free time to properly dig in...
  5. Here's my CH FighterStick setup too, might give you some other options It's pretty basic, just focusing on what I consider to be the core commands for moving the tank and firing. SBProPE.7z
  6. I'm making progress! I managed a nice clean breach with a plough, and then the engineer marked it out for me, no probs. I then did a bit of experimenting with Assault routes, as I have had issues with units not managing to cross the breach. Planning an Assault route across the breach seemed to work just fine. Initially I set the formation of the route to column, which was fine, and then I risked one of my units by just plotting an Assault route to see what they did. And what they did was form a nice column to cross the breach, without any special input required. I might go back and retest this, but I think maybe the problem I was having was down to having a breach route that the primary unit went through to clear, and then the proving unit, and then I told the other units to cross by routing them to the exact same breach route. They didn't seem to like that. I often had them queuing up, and refusing to cross a proven breach. Now I need to figure out the best way to deal with those pesky infantry positions, the AI seems to utterly ignore enemy bunkers, and just gets chewed up if I don't take over manually to gun the bunkers to dust. Still providing me with plenty of entertainment Maj.Hans!
  7. Oh dear oh dear. When you think about it that makes sense, but I would have just assumed a tank would blast through wire like it wasn't there...
  8. So last night I managed to get a clean breach, marked with flags and everything! Minor issue now is that the units ordered to cross it only kinda care about where the breach actually is >< But I'm getting there.
  9. Thanks Gibsonm, I've already read your excellent docs, but I shall certainly revisit them to make sure I'm not making a daft error. That was my thinking too. I probably just need to adjust the spacing / routes / timing of things. I don't believe it to be a bug, as I knocked up a breaching test in the mission editor which ran just fine. Thanks for the input.
  10. Thanks for the tips (1) I was aware of the thermals advantage, so I've been doing my best to keep the smoke screen up to milk that. (2) I've tried the MICLIC several times... I set a breach path for it, and it often fires off the charges at an odd angle from what I requested. It sometimes manages to traverse the breach, sometimes not. Ploughing has been better, tho generally I've driven that unit myself to get it "just right". (3) Marking the breach is the real issue I'm having... I breach, and I've got an ENG M113 (I think) unit there, I ask it to "breach" afterwards. Is that the wrong way of doing it? The marker flags aren't getting placed, so I figured I must be doing it wrong. I knocked up a quick test in the mission editor and managed to breach and mark using the same approach, but I'm getting no joy when attempting this mission. <shrug/> I've even let the INF use the metal detectors, but boy will that take a loooong time! As and when I get time I'll keep plugging away, I have a plan which I think should work, but I'm having errrr "fun" getting the units to execute it quite how I'd like it to happen
  11. Grand job. I rarely get a solid play session, so the ability to save and resume is handy. I've had a few attempts at it now, and each time I'm learning a way to improve my approach, so I'm finding it very valuable. It has a nice mix of units, and a large size, but I can just about keep up with all the units, maybe. I'll keep at it and let you know if I ever get there... I am by no means a good measure tho, I have no military background. I'm still learning the map symbols and capabilities of much of the kit. Mostly I need to learn how to get the AI units to not kill themselves too I'm having a hell of a job getting a good breach. The AI seems intent on not even trying, or trying and then hitting mines anyway, or my favourite yet, not trying to breach, and drowning in the nearby water feature while skirting the edge of the minefield >< It's a great scenario that I think will keep me entertain for a good while, so many thanks for making it
  12. Whilst playing about with the "Counter Stroke at Hunfeld" offline mission, I was interrupted, and opted to go for an in-progress save. When I came to try and resume my game from that point I suffered a crash to desktop. I have tried several times now with the same result. The scenario loads up no problem, but as soon as I click to start the action phase it blows up on me. The debug log file for the most recent session is always zero bytes, and so doesn't offer any insight I'm afraid. I'm running 4.004. This isn't really an issue for me, like I said I was just tooling about, but if this is more general problem that others might encounter I thought that it was worth flagging it up. The save game scenario is attached - just don't look at my shambles of a partial plan Guy_1.7z
  13. Looking forward to seeing your results This looks like a great map.
  14. ^^^ Ditto. Nice patch to an already awesome release, thanks to all involved.
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