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  1. Might be, I just skimmed through it to find the obvious ones. I don't know anything about past releases though, so maybe you're right. Pffft, who would do that?
  2. The easter eggs were pretty specific though. As in "do x to receive a free licence"
  3. I did test it as a driver so I don't think the commander speed settings matter. It could be that the road was too small and was just marked off-road or something. I'll have to test it on some other map I guess.
  4. Not really super helpful, but I've never had this issue in the two months I've been playing SB. Running on 3840x2160 64-bit, on win-10 with GTX Titan, using the default fullscreen option as far as I can tell.
  5. I've noticed that the wheeled vehicles in SB feel really slow, even slower than most tracked MBTs. I did a quick test run to confirm my suspicions, and it seems I was right. The test drive took place on a road, starting with a slight uphill followed by a gentle downwards slope. Looks like wheeled vehicles really are a lot slower than tracked ones. This doesn't make much sense to me, as Centauro has a listed top road speed of 106 km/h, while the Aslav has 120 km/h. This lack of mobility sort of beats the point of taking a wheeled vehicle in the first place - you'll just be better off in a MBT in every scenario. Am I missing something here or is there an issue with the engine models in SB? Test results below, I listed the top speed of each vehicle during both path segments. Leo2a5: uphill 55 km/h, downhill 71 km/h M1a2: uphill 50 km/h, downhill 66 km/h Centauro: uphill 45 km/h, downhill 58 km/h Aslav-25: uphill 45 km/h, downhill 57 km/h
  6. Thanks for the answers so far, one last question. Can I give the complementary one-month licence I got along with the perma licence to a friend? It seems to use the same licence url, but from my understanding the perma licence binds to the usb stick instead of my computer, so it should be fine.
  7. Will the full permanent licence cost $125, or is it cheaper to wait and buy without upgrading?
  8. Nah, it's not a problem really, since 4.0 isn't out yet anyways. I'm just saying that that's a pretty nice bonus for the full licence and I didn't find anything about it on the store page.
  9. Oh, that's nice. Although I missed that part completely and already bought the one-month licence :). Does it actually say that somewhere though? I thought I read the store page pretty thoroughly.
  10. All right, thanks. I guess I'll get the one-month licence for now, that way I won't have to wait for shipping either.
  11. I was thinking of buying a permanent licence for SB, however I'm wondering if I'd have to buy an upgrade right away once 4.0 comes out? I didn't find any info on this with a cursory glance, so I'd like to have clarification before shelling out those dollars.
  12. Did some more testing today, still didn't get things to work. The problem now is that without Hamachi, we can't find the server regardless of which of us hosts it. The problem can't really be port forwarding or firewalls, since Nonex doesn't have a router and I've forwarded all ports such that my router shouldn't be a problem either. Firewalls don't seem to have any effect either, since we couldn't find the server even when the firewall was completely disabled on both ends. The only thing I can think of at this point is that the game uses some obscure protocol that gets blocked by either my router or one of our ISP's. I tried searching the forum for people having similiar trouble finding a server but found nothing, so I'm pretty clueless as to what could fix this.
  13. Thanks for all your help so far, I'm the host in question. I'm fairly sure the problem has nothing to do with our physical connection since we're both connected by cable to a 100/100 megabit optical connection, and we haven't had similiar problems in any other games. We usually have around 7-10 ms ping when playing other games, but it seems to go up to 50-60 in Steel Beasts. At the same time Teamspeak wasn't showing any high pings or packet loss happening, so the problem is limited to Steel Beasts. Teamspeak was using a direct connection rather than Hamachi though. I'm suspecting the cause of our problems might be Hamachi. It's hard to test this, since no one can connect to the server if we don't use it. We'll give it another try with uninstalling Hamachi and Tunngle completely, since I guess the game could be trying to go through the Hamachi network adapter even when Hamachi is not online.
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