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  1. I guess I should have paid more attention to detail and read that....jeese...lol I am attaching two things. The first is an image from Google Earth. I used paint to draw the boundaries of the training area. The numbered points correspond to easily identifiable boundary points. The second attachment is a text file that has the latitude and longitude for those points. The numbers correspond to the numbers on the map. If the entire training area is to much to make, I have also highlighted the two ranges that we use. The latitude and longitude for those ranges are also on the image and in the text file. I really appreciate your help guys! I am hoping that this will really make an excellent training aid! Fort Riley Map Points.txt
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to Steel Beasts and would like to let everyone know that I am loving it. I am stationed at Fort Riley, KS and am developing light weight training simulator for my Armor Company. I would really love it if someone could make a terrain map of the Fort Riley training area. It is pretty flat out here so their shouldn't be to much work on the contour lines. If that is to much at least a small map of the range where we conduct our gunneries. This would allow me to accomplish my primary goal of creating a gunnery training device. It is basically a mock up of all the panels in the gunners station. It will be a great tool to practice "switchology" but I am taking it one step further by attempting to sync it up with this game. It is kind of daunting as I am having to convert toggle switches and knobs to key strokes amongst other things but it is coming along nicely. As I am new to this site and game, I am not sure what map information I need to provide in order get someone started on making the map. Do yall need Grid Coordinates? Latitude and Longitude? Just let me know! I really appreciate your help and I welcome any advice!
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