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  1. Great mission, really enjoyed it! Right up to plastering the General with coax in the face :gun:
  2. Cougar always dig when you CO man. Always do a great job! S!
  3. Yes thank you! A very Merry Christmas gift indeed.
  4. Ya cant wait to try it out! Thank you for the hard work!
  5. Just in case you boys were looking for a Christmas idea for me, as surely you were. After friday I will be off work for 2 weeks so if you were trying to figure the perfect time to give me my present. That would be it! Just wanted to clarify that. Carry on :luxhello:
  6. Such an awesome old sim. Recently just loaded it back up trying to get my head around it again after all these years. Brings back such a great feeling of nostalgia!
  7. "3. Having that said, I would assume adults being able to settle things among themselves rather than cry out towards a 3rd party (again, of course depending on the severity)?" This is kind of THE point now isnt it? Come on really. Everyone here is an adult with lives outside of the game, who play the game for enjoyment and relaxation. Just maybe if everyone worried a little less about what everyone else is doing and extend a little respect to one another rather than trying to bait people into confrontations the world can be all rainbows and unicorns in the end. Oh and PLAY THE GAME in stead of lurking about on the forums looking for a fight. Just some observations from a newcomer to the community who has been quite surprised in a few instances of how clicky this place is compared to other hardcore sim communities I have been a part of. And I speak strictly as player Stardog765 NOT as a member of DoW, nor do I speak for them. S! to you all and respect to you all, now lets play!
  8. Fun mission and my first with the group. Really enjoyed it and survived so I didnt have to pay Asid for my tank. :luxhello:
  9. Hmmm nuking from orbit! Now thats why you are the brains of this operation sir! Awesome idea!
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