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  1. how much damage did your tank take...? looks like shit on the outside was it still functional?
  2. your scenarios are some of my favorites...love them
  3. agree i think im more pumped about this then any other update...i say that every update lol...i probably haven't been playing as long as some but this sim has come so far its crazy...love we are getting a t72 with thermals also...
  4. ive noticed that also a few times
  5. will14


    i missed were russia said they would win in 3 days...
  6. ill try to find them again and post a link or somthing
  7. not saying its objective it just shows the hole video not just a short clip...
  8. there is a guy on telegram i think that is showing those vids un edited and it crazy....those atgm crews are getting destroyed fast in a lot of them..
  9. will14


    he asked for pros and cons...are you saying that slow reverse is a pro or con?
  10. will14


    terribly slow in reverse...i cant imagine why they would do this..
  11. i will 2nd that...tons of fun and challenging
  12. would love to have a compass and map tools....
  13. will14


    cannot tell you how awesome this simm is.....do yourself a favor and grab the core game off steam for free and give it a try.....the add ons cost but the corp game is free..............TONS OF FUN
  14. im a machinist......and ive done this lol...
  15. i was having this issue intermittently i tracked it down to this weird program starting on a reboot .steele beasts would just go to a big white screen and that was it..i can get the specifis on my machine and exactly what the program was if you think it would help...the program was some 3d sound thingy lol...dont exactly know what its is...i have a creative sound card..
  16. will14

    ULAN systems

    i shoot long range rifle and temp makes a difference in how you powder burns but its your chamber temp...not sure how that translates to a cannon ..you round has to soak though to get it hot if your shooting fast or open bolt machine guns wont be affected...air pressure plays the biggest role in your ballistics
    the file isnt a .sce file....am i missing somthing?....gaaah im an idiot... I apologize
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