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  1. Fallacy of division and false consensus bias... its ok, it happens.
  2. How could I have forgotten since I listed vehicles that the view is working fine??? When I first discovered the bug, I laid all the vehicles listed above in line and tried them one by one. The biber and the MT55 were working fine on ver 3.028. The driver unbuttoned was really helpful for lying bridges tho.
  3. Thanks! Silly answer: how do you think it worked on the vehicles I noted in my first post, by using firm tone?
  4. I have noticed that initially when I tried to lay a bridge with the Biber and then I tried it on other tanks and AFVs. The drivers unbuttoned view doesn't work on: Leopard2A6 M1A2 M1A1(HA) Leo2E Leo1A5 Leo2A4 GTK Boxer Biber MT55 BMP2 It works fine on: T72A/M1 T72B1 T55A M3A2 M2A2 M60A3 M113A2G M113A1
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