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  1. This is a very good question. How would I go about just seeing which maps are available? I believe you have to search the map downloader app by number. One thing that I think would be very handy would be the ability to preview maps ( just a simple representation to give you a hint what is there), maybe a large 'thumbnail'. A simple search of maps on your hard drive and another one through the map downloader app. I know it may not be an easy ask, but you do need to find 'the right' map for your scenario.
  2. My C drive tells me it has 267 GB free of 465 GB and I ended up with all of 4.1 there because I had map file issues! How expensive are SSD dics these days? Seriously, mine came with the comp the year before last.
  3. True, that confused me too, had to manually create the 'package's folder in the 'maps' folder and then run the maps installer to update the system files.
  4. That is precisely what started my problems! But it seems to work for most people.
  5. Instead of step 3 try uninstalling and reinstalling Steel Beasts, that may work. I had to: 1. manually create C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\Packages 2. install the maps to that directory. 3. Uninstall and reinstall Steel Beasts Nothing else worked for me
  6. Yes, I found I had to manually create the 'packages' folder. Then point the maps installer to that directory and run it. And then reinstall Steel Beasts. I found that if the maps installer is set to 'ProgramData/eSim Games/Steel Beasts' then the individual map folders ended up interleaved with the 'scenarios' and other folders, including the 'maps' folder. For me the maps installer does not produce the folders that it does for others, no idea why! Continuing to monitor how this installation holds up, so far so good!
  7. Just testing my latest install, with a solitaire scenario. I just put rough routs in and let it run. The navigation is amazing, watching M113s cope with a water obstacle. .
  8. Thank you. I'll have fiddle with the ' ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts ' folder when I get the chance
  9. I initially installed the maps on to the D drive and this time the C, both gave me similar results. But Steel Beasts is running better with the maps on the C drive. I take it that the the individual map folders should be in C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages ?
  10. Yes ProgramData/Steel Beasts, the folder I selected during the map install
  11. Thank you! It's not the legacy maps I'm concerned about, it's the new ones. I uninstalled the maps and the program - Ran the maps install from the thumb drive, I selected ProgramData/Steel Beasts which is the file location now shown in the program All the individual map folders installed themselves there, no 'maps' folder, just them nothing else in ProgramData/Steel Beasts. The folder for each map has an .Int, .ter and .mrf file as well as a 'deltas' folder - Installed Steel beasts Everything appeared in ProgramData/Steel Beasts, interleaved with the map folders. There is a maps folder there, it only has the themes folder. There are no height, packages or terrain folders in ProgramData/Steel Beasts There is no height folder anywhere on the C drive. There is no 'packages' folder related to Steal Beasts anywhere on the C drive. There is a 'terrain' folder in program files. It runs fine, a little better than it did with the maps on the D drive Just very curious why my folder hierarchy is not standard. Can I arrange it manually? It seems very weird
  12. Just got my package from eSim games, I can re-install from there now! But not just yet
  13. Interesting. I installed, from SBMapPackageINstaller.exe to D:/.........../Steel Beasts/Maps I searched and found "D:\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\Maps\Ft_Knox_10m [autocreated base]\deltas\FT KNOX KY 50km 1A-1_10m\metadata.mrf" I think I will uninstall everything, Rename any remaining Steel Beasts folders on the C drive, Reinstall The maps on the C drive Then reinstall Steel Beasts Even though I did uninstall first, there may have been something left over that the installer 'grabbed'. Any other ideas?
  14. I believe the file structure should start with ' maps\packages ' I have reinstalled the maps package and the map folders are directly in the maps folder; there is no 'packages' folder. Can I just manually create a 'packages' folder and then copy everything in the 'maps' folder into that 'packages' folder? Or are there other sub folders that are not maps? I have no idea why this happened
  15. For what it is worth, I agree the tree in the 4.023 screen shot looks more Aussie. It may just be too much foliage.
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