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  1. Yes, I am just pointing out that Sendowl is legitimately taged as spam by spam filters. I nearly did not retrieve the e mail from my spam folder. It's a business decision; but expect some to not be able to spot your e mail, when the e mail is from noreply@sendowl.com
  2. I tend to disagree, look at https://www.sendowl.com , https://www.sendowl.com/features and www.sendowl.com/pricing. It definitely looks like a marketing site which would be why the spam filter caught it.
  3. My spam filter nabbed it! And it does look iffy to me. It does not point to esim, it points to sendowl, which my spam filter definitely does not like. Is send owl an advertising site, that would explain the my spam blocker stopping it?
  4. Oh dear, HESH is High Explosive Squash Head! But HE does not squash against the armour and can be fired from a smooth bore. I don't know where you get the idea of ''reflected energy''; reflected off what? Dissipated or absorbed by the armour would be more to the point. I think you need to stop listening to ''people on the internet'', and do some research into the basics, read a book or two; anything by Ian Hogg, for example, would be good. Then apply some logic. Also think about this; you got an answer from Ssnake and he makes a living from selling this software to national armies. Surely the model he uses would be valid enough for their training.
  5. If I remember correctly HESH works by squashing against the outer armour and exploding, causing the inner surface of the armour to shatter and a send splinters through the turret or hull, damaging equipment and killing personnel (the armour is not actually penetrated). And it does not work from smooth bore guns, it needs the warhead to spin. It's effectively obsolete. If I'm reading the pics correctly, the explosive shell struck the ground beside the tank throwing chunks of unspecified material at the tank at high velocity.
  6. I find video the hardest medium to learn from. Reading is much easier for me, I prefer a good manual.
  7. If I remember correctly Microsoft was mentioned in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  8. But they told us Win 10 was forever! Only constantly updated. So how can we trust Microsoft?
  9. Z Force is an unfortunate phrase for me; last time I was in Vic Barracks (which was a long time ago) there was still a Z Force HQ. Refers to a unit that under took special operations in WWII.
  10. 'The first nine ‘Terminator’ tank support fighting vehicles will enter service with armored units of the Russian Central Military District’s 90th Guards Tank Division stationed in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk Regions from December 1 after successful trials.' https://militaryleak.com/2021/11/09/first-terminator-tank-support-fighting-vehicles-to-enter-service-with-russian-central-military-districts-tank-division/
  11. I'm using a ROG Strix XG43VQ, a curved ultra-wide 43-inch gaming monitor, 120Hz. Resolution is 3840 x 1200. And I love it! Have had no trouble; but I do run SB Pro in window mode, just short of full width and height.
  12. I'm guessing Norse mythology: 'Borghild was the first wife of Sigmund. She bore him two sons, Hamund and Helgi.'is not what he's talking about.
  13. It seems the BMPT-72 Terminator 2 is now in production: https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_july_2021_global_security_army_industry/uralvagonzavod_starts_the_supply_of_serial_production_of_bmpt-72_terminator_2_fire_support_vehicle.html
  14. I personally don't need 'playable' not really interested in the crew positions; having said that I would like all Israeli vehicles modeled. 'I don't think we even know how much they tricked out their M-60s and Shermans even'. I remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s, someone, I think he may still a web site, said he had access to the all the modification records for the M60s. He made up names for all different 'varieties' of M60s. But later I came across references to their servicing procedures; it appears that the reason there were so many different looking M60s was that, when in for servicing the M60 and M48 was to be updated to whatever the current standard was and if they did not have all the parts available they fitted what they had in stock.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Just a bit of shoot'n'up fun. At Least two Sleezarian Coys, moving East from Sodom to Gomorrah route unknown. Probable enemy equipment includes BTR B-10s and BMP3s. Bandicoot detachment: 1st Pl Mechanized infantry, 2nd Pl Tank and 3rd Pl recce c) Attachments and detachments: Self propelled mortar Pl One battery of artillery is available. You also have some air support. Objectives: Locate and destroy all Sleezarians moving through your patrol area bounded by 850110 and 910070.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    You are in command of 3rd Pl Mechanized infantry push west and secure and hold Dutons Field (at approx 725558). Also block enemy access to the bridge (at approx 741555). Hold for as long as possible, at least until the 2 Coy chooks arrive. 2 Coy has sent some infantry as an advanced party. The Sleezarian units are scripted quite randomly, both in their type and number of units. It has taken me quite some time to 'bálance' this; sometimes you get lots thrown at you and sometimes you don't, but just one T90 can ruin your day. Don't forget to feret out any Sleezarian irregulars, to win there must be no opposition elements at Dutons Field and none must have crossed the bridge! Optionally take control of: AT Pl (trigger (1) AT Pl) AA Pl (trigger (2) AA Pl) 1st Pl (trigger (3) 1st Pl) 2nd Pl (trigger (4) 2nd Pl)
  17. https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/indonesias-tank-boat-prototype-undergoes-sea-weapon-trials
  18. Version 1.0.0


    You are in command of 1st Pl Mechanized infantry push west and secure object BP Dale (at approx 745556). Hold for as long as possible, but at least 30 mins, while tankers transfer fuel from the hidden bunker. Playing options: Push west, seize and hold BP Dale 1st Pl. See how long you can hold!! Optionally take control of: AT Pl (trigger (1) AT Pl) AA Pl (trigger (2) AA Pl) This should take at least 30 minutes. It took quite a few runs to get to the stage where BP Hill can be controlled for about 30 minutes, about 50% of the time. Also watch out for the 'rare' surprises, the difficulty varies significantly; the number of units vary, the directions taken etc.
  19. https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/indonesian-consortium-launches-tank-boat-prototype "An Indonesian consortium led by state-owned arms manufacturer PT Pindad launched a prototype of the ‘tank boat’ fire support vessel on 28 April in waters off Banyuwangi, East Java. "
  20. https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_april_2021_global_security_army_industry/australian_army_to_expand_m1a1_abrams_mbt_fleet_with_u.s._acquisitions.html Also: 29 M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicles; 18 M1074 Joint Assault Bridges; 6 M88A2 Hercules Combat Recovery Vehicles. I can understand the need for these, but the current increase of spend is supposed to be about countering expansion in island chains.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    A quick look at the BMPT-7 Objectives: 1. Seize town Urban 01 and Urban 02 2. Capture objective Non Urban Should take about 30 minutes I'm curious about the employment of BMPTs, they pack quite a punch with: - four Ataka ATGM launchers - two 30 mm 2A42 autocannons, a total of 850 rounds - A 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun is mounted coaxially with the main armament and holds 2,000 rounds Three crew, no dismounts Russia has not adopted them, last I heard; but seems to still be testing them in a few exercises. They have been purchased by other countries, though I do not know how they are deployed. Still, they have a respectable amount of fire-power. Favoured platton configeration for urban warfare seems to be each main battle tank with two BMPTs. Outside of urban warfare that ratio is reversed with one BMPT protecting two main battle tanks. My first problem was, what vehicle in SBs could be used to explore the use of BMPTs. They are now configured as a new turret on a tank hull. A quick search came up with the T-14 and T-15 as a close match. The problem then is that the T-15 only has one 30 mm. My solution is to use a pair of T-15 (without dismounts) as a substitute for one BMPT and halve the ammunition carried in each T-15. So that two T-15 have the approx fire-power of one BMPT. I then made two types of platoons: - One for Urban areas (2 pairs of T-15s and 1 T-14) - One for other areas (2 T-14s and 1 pair of T-15s) I now think that separate Pls of T-15 and T-14 instead of mixed Pls (as indicated in the article) would be a better solution. And if you are supporting a largish Infantry advance you would want more than one Pl anyway. Russia is now experimenting with the Pantsir-S vehicles engaging light armored vehicles.
  22. I have a little scenario to upload, but I don't know where the map came from; I think it maybe pre 4.1. Is there a list of maps distributed with the version 4.2** ? Have opened the Map Transfer Manager and inquired if the package UID was listed; the message I received was that it is on disc. Is that my local disc or the map servers disc? As I am not sure where I got the map from, I think from SB v3, I don't want to upload it if it violates someones copyright. I am assuming that if it was in v3 and not v4.1 then it was withdrawn for a reason.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    You are in command of 4th Pl Tanks push west and secure town Obj 04. Red units vary in numbers, type and position with each session. Recce should locate them. Optionally take control of: 2nd Pl (trigger 2nd Pl) 3rd Pl (trigger 3rd Pl) 5th Pl (trigger 5th Pl Recce) Self propelled mortars (trigger 6 SP Mortars) Armed recon helicopters (trigger 7 Armed recon helis)
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