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  1. 4 hours ago, F.T said:

    The same can be done with HE shell. It's just that the shock wave from the HE shell is largely reflected off the armor. It needs more explosives to replenish the reflected energy.

    Oh dear, HESH is High Explosive Squash Head! But HE does not squash against the armour and can be fired from a smooth bore.

    I don't know where you get the idea of ''reflected energy''; reflected off what? Dissipated or absorbed by the armour would be more to the point.


    I think you need to stop listening to ''people on the internet'', and do some research into the basics, read a book or two; anything by Ian Hogg, for example,  would be good. Then apply some logic.


    Also think about this; you got an answer from Ssnake and he makes a living from selling this software to national armies. Surely the model he uses would be valid enough for their training.


  2. If I remember correctly HESH works by squashing against the outer armour and exploding, causing the inner surface of the armour to shatter and a send splinters through the turret or hull, damaging equipment and killing personnel (the armour is not actually penetrated). And it does not work from smooth bore guns, it needs the warhead to spin.


    It's effectively obsolete.


    If I'm reading the pics correctly, the explosive shell struck the ground beside the tank throwing chunks of unspecified material at the tank at high velocity.

  3. 9 hours ago, 12Alfa said:




    Z Force is an unfortunate phrase for me; last time I was in Vic Barracks (which was a long time ago) there was still a Z Force HQ. Refers to a unit that under took special operations in WWII.

  4. I personally don't need 'playable' not really interested in the crew positions; having said that I would like all Israeli vehicles modeled.


    'I don't think we even know how much they tricked out their M-60s and Shermans even'.

    I remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s, someone, I think he may still a web site, said he had access to the all the modification records for the M60s. He made up names for all different 'varieties' of M60s.

    But later I came across references to their servicing procedures; it appears that the reason there were so many different looking M60s was that, when in for servicing the M60 and M48 was to be updated to whatever the current standard was and if they did not have all the parts available they fitted what they had in stock.

  5. I have a little scenario to upload, but I don't know where the map came from; I think it maybe pre 4.1. Is there a list of maps distributed with the version 4.2** ?

    Have opened the Map Transfer Manager and inquired if the package UID was listed; the message I received was that it is on disc. Is that my local disc or the map servers disc?

    As I am not sure where I got the map from, I think from SB v3, I don't want to upload it if it violates someones copyright. I am assuming that if it was in v3 and not v4.1 then it was withdrawn for a reason.

  6. I have something similar happening, it is in a complex scenario but it is consistent. A vehicle traveling along an 'engage' route, stops and picks up infantry that is there to hold a bridgehead, on it's way passed.


    It has not happened every time, I think only since I added 'red' units to that area. At least it has been consistent for the last ten or so runs.


  7. 18 hours ago, Lumituisku said:

    why not to have a kind flat base where rotary encoders are hidden into, and connected to finger wheels,   small wheels that can be rotated with tone finger with ease

    Has anyone thought of the humble trackball?

  8. Thank you, good stuff!


    I usually give the shop a couple of options for every thing and they come back with comments and suggestions in their quote. I include a description of use, this time I think it will be gaming and general use. Last time I mentioned VR and that led me down a rabbit hole that back filled behind me.

  9. I usually replace my computer when it turns four years old. This time I intended to hang on to it a little longer for financial reasons and because we had doubts the computer shop was still trading.

    The current PC is just over three and a half years old and it has developed a problem that causes it to reboot ' The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time.' Oddly it seems to occur when chrome is running only, it is mostly avoidable.
    Additionally occasional SB just ceases to proceed, restart of SB being an easy fix. Two nights ago I looked at the CPU temp while running SB; about 60 deg C and up to 95 +, I suspect a fan or two no longer function. Last night the PC failed to proceed while running SB and refused to restart. It booted up fine this morning.
    So I am lightning the load on the PC and physically rearranging things so it gets better airflow; to allow time to write the specs for a new PC; as well as write up and print out all the info I need to switch to a new one. Fortunately some new tax breaks have been announced for this tax year :)
    It will be at least a month before a new PC would arrive.
    I am assuming that the heat of the CPU was affected by the restricted multi-threading in SB (obviously not the major cause), so one question is might multi-threading be increased in December's release?
    And any advice on the specs for the new machine, I usually go one step + back from the top of the line for longevity, that didn't work this last time time:(
    I have not looked at what is available now, so any advice would be gratefully received. Here are the specs so far:

    Above Intel Core i7 8700

    32 GB memory

    Above nVidia RTX 2060 video 14 GB + memory

  10. While were talking about map displays etc; I do miss not having the info of last know position and direction of travel of enemy units. If I remember correctly Tacops had another map screen to show this, it was along time ago maybe someone else remembers the interface more accurately.

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