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  1. I have something similar happening, it is in a complex scenario but it is consistent. A vehicle traveling along an 'engage' route, stops and picks up infantry that is there to hold a bridgehead, on it's way passed.


    It has not happened every time, I think only since I added 'red' units to that area. At least it has been consistent for the last ten or so runs.


  2. 18 hours ago, Lumituisku said:

    why not to have a kind flat base where rotary encoders are hidden into, and connected to finger wheels,   small wheels that can be rotated with tone finger with ease

    Has anyone thought of the humble trackball?

  3. Thank you, good stuff!


    I usually give the shop a couple of options for every thing and they come back with comments and suggestions in their quote. I include a description of use, this time I think it will be gaming and general use. Last time I mentioned VR and that led me down a rabbit hole that back filled behind me.

  4. I usually replace my computer when it turns four years old. This time I intended to hang on to it a little longer for financial reasons and because we had doubts the computer shop was still trading.

    The current PC is just over three and a half years old and it has developed a problem that causes it to reboot ' The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time.' Oddly it seems to occur when chrome is running only, it is mostly avoidable.
    Additionally occasional SB just ceases to proceed, restart of SB being an easy fix. Two nights ago I looked at the CPU temp while running SB; about 60 deg C and up to 95 +, I suspect a fan or two no longer function. Last night the PC failed to proceed while running SB and refused to restart. It booted up fine this morning.
    So I am lightning the load on the PC and physically rearranging things so it gets better airflow; to allow time to write the specs for a new PC; as well as write up and print out all the info I need to switch to a new one. Fortunately some new tax breaks have been announced for this tax year :)
    It will be at least a month before a new PC would arrive.
    I am assuming that the heat of the CPU was affected by the restricted multi-threading in SB (obviously not the major cause), so one question is might multi-threading be increased in December's release?
    And any advice on the specs for the new machine, I usually go one step + back from the top of the line for longevity, that didn't work this last time time:(
    I have not looked at what is available now, so any advice would be gratefully received. Here are the specs so far:

    Above Intel Core i7 8700

    32 GB memory

    Above nVidia RTX 2060 video 14 GB + memory

  5. While were talking about map displays etc; I do miss not having the info of last know position and direction of travel of enemy units. If I remember correctly Tacops had another map screen to show this, it was along time ago maybe someone else remembers the interface more accurately.

  6. I read recently 'that the robot dogs' were to be used for base security. Which irremediably triggered a recollection of 'police' drones in central park (I think) that scared people (911 calls were made) and people actually tried to report 'crimes' to the drones, but the drones were being run as a test by a private company and nothing was passed on to the police.

  7. OK,

    Just checked my email, it started 0n 5/10/14 and ended 25/10/14. I had to use their sales e mail, because it existed and I got this error when trying to open an support ticket:



    Here is the info I put into the 'support' form:

    New Ticket
    1 error prohibited this guest request from being saved

    There were problems with the following fields:

    • Ticket queue incorrect id


    They pointed me to the help desk e mail


    The last email I received from them included:

    " Which brings us to how we can help you now. The error code that you are getting is not one that I have seen before. It looks like Martin is the one who replied in the email exchange that you included in your initial contact. He's been around this a lot longer than me and even said "I've never seen it before." "

    So all confidence in any of their products disappeared!

  8. Combat Mission may be a wonderful game, but I used it, enjoyed it, then stopped loading.


    I had to contact 'customer support' by e mail (that was the only choice I had) because the game would not load anymore. These e mails went on for months with no solution offered, except an inference that I should buy it again. I was pushing to get a fresh download and try that, since I had already bought it. Finally one of them told me (after I had said I was done with this farce) it can stop working for many reasons, even just plugging a new USB can stop it opening.


    So ditched it, not because it was a bad game; because of the customer support!


    I'm sure others have had much better experiences than mine, but come on an additional USB breaks it! Maybe they have fixed that now, but I'll never go back.

  9. I am guessing you downloaded 'Emerging Fledgling' not 'Emerging Fledgling 2' because 2 is not available yet.


    The briefing for 'Emerging Fledgling' states 'You are in command of two platoons 1 & 3, move forward and capture Hill 7779'. And those two platoons have no scripting at all.


    'Emerging Fledgling' is also a prequel to 'Emerging Fledgling 2' in which platoons 2 & 4 have no scripting and where you have to hold the intersection, I say again that scenario as described above is not available for download yet.


    My apologies for posting about the next scenario before it is available to download.

  10. I notice a few people have downloaded 'Emerging Fledgling', Thank you, I hope you have enjoyed it.


    'Emerging Fledgling 2' is awaiting approval. This time the major Intersection 7675 must be held until the arrival of the Task Force. I don't think it is much more difficult then 'Emerging Fledgling', except that the intersection can be quite busy and  New Katarie forces are now wandering around seemingly at random.

  11. I wanted to makes a scenario that you could enjoy in different ways eg attack, defend, counter attack and just plain shoot'm up. But it got overly complicated and the map suffered from badly maintained bridges. So I decided to make a series of three scenarios.
    The first 'Emerging Fledgling' has been uploaded, a 'simple' capture the hill, I don't seem to be able to do simple, things just naturally drift to complicated. I do hope a couple of people enjoy it.
    My usual work flow is:
    1. Friendly units and scripted routes; I like to solve simple little problems and this gives wonderful opportunities to do that, as I test for 'smooth' travel along the routes, it always takes many tests. Also there maybe friendly units that you can't control, not all of them 'blue' units. I usually start with a company group, then there maybe other friendly units nearby that are modeled. And occasionally other 'friendly' forces.
    2. After I am satisfied that those routes are good I add the OpFor and their routes. Using the same process. Usually not as many simple problems as I like them to be unpredictable.
    3. Then I change the OpFor units to randomly spawn.
    4. After that I test and test looking to get an approximate 50% chance for the friendly units to attain their goal in a reasonable time etc. To do this I adjust the OpFor spawn chances as well as the chances of them using different routes.
    That's it; I usually leave the vast majority of the friendly scripting intact, the player can sit back and watch, or naturally, take control themselves and beat the 50% chance of attaining the goal.
    Red randomness should make the scenario interesting to play more than once.
    Emerging Fledgling and the following scenarios are completely fictional.
  12. I've been able to make mixed sections/squads by taking a standard unit, change the size to what I require, separate into 'sub units'. Then change some/all of those teams into what I require, then reattaching them back together.


    You can then save the recombined unit as a template.


    Took some time to work through this, till I tumbled that they need the same unit 'number'. I use the same idea to create mixed AFV platoons.

  13. It seems to me that eSim has said they would look into this and in return they have been badgered. I think some on both sides are are getting rather worked up about this.


    I have every confidence that eSim will do what they can to achieve a realistic outcome, within the bounds of their modelling. Meanwhile they are not attending to other business, because of the amount of their time this thread is using.


    Just my opinion


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