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  1. Love it! You've changed the theme to an Asian one, which map?
  2. I will, thank you, have noted for when I may need to use it. But I have no need for it as yet, so no need at this time.
  3. I got it to work, looks like nice work. Even though the download manager still will not run for me. I get 'Unable to execute more than one instance simultaneously' even after I have stopped Steel Beasts Map Package Download Service, and yes that starts when the PC starts. And there is no little icon in the windows tray. It is not an issue for me yet.
  4. I believe that Steel Beast simulates real world procedures and is marketed as such to the major customers, ie a simulator for military forces. Anything that does not in some way reflect the real world pulls the simulation away from it's major customers and that is quite a balancing act. I don't believe it is intended to be used as a war game, but as a simulator, so asking for features that make it easier to use as a war game misses the point. But that's for Ssnake to decide. I give much more weight to the opinions and observations of service men and ex service men; I am an ex service man, myself, but have no direct experience in armour. And more weight to those who are actively using Steel Beasts in their service life. If one of these people say it is not practical in the field to do so and so, or so and so is simply not done in reality; then I listen! I myself use Steel Beasts as a 'what if' simulator. I enjoy solving small problems and from time to time just sit back and watching the results. So my impression that you are more interested in gaming than simulation, is not correct. I did not mean to infer that. Yes, I jump around enough to try and achieve my objective, but I try to do that in a more or less realistic way, changing 'command hats' and but only one at a time.
  5. Yes, this is a wish list. I was reacting to multiple mentions of 'war games' and you did make a comparison between Steel Beast and a war game. If your intention is not to make Steel Beast more 'war game like', then I apologize. Forgive me if I am wrong here, but I believe that sophisticated combat information systems have not been widely implemented at the platoon level. I too like to consult the map, but I am sure in practice it is hard to pay close attention to your immediate vicinity and study the map at the same time. I look at switching to the map as suddenly being in the company command vehicle, not out as a vehicle or platoon commander or other soldier. And I think a case for a combat information system in command vehicles is strong. As for using a second screen, I don't support that for looking at the map while your not acting as the company commander (or higher), intelligence or operations etc. What I would like to see on my second screen is a dialog of messages etc which includes, easy ways to get more information etc, but not anything that should not be immediately available to the unit I am directly using. Just my thoughts
  6. And your point is? The eSim Games Home page quite clearly say ' Our main product is Steel Beasts Professional, which is available in two variants, the classroom version for collective military training and the personal edition, Steel Beasts Pro PE, suitable for exploratory learning in self-study and distance learning. ' https://www.esimgames.com/ No mention of war game there.
  7. ssidiver


    Old thread, but I came across a reasonable pic of how much protective material is need for a lighter vehicle to be airdropped. There are more sturdy platforms for heaver vehicles and they use much more honeycomb. https://www.airforce-technology.com/news/australia-air-drop-mobility-guardian/
  8. Given some comments that have been made about multi core use, I have been watching their use. Loading maps definitely utilizes all cores; while playing a scenario also increases the use of all cores but leans predominately on two. The two process using most of the CPU capacity are SBProPEcm.exe (111 Threads) and DecodeProcess.exe (28 Threads). Seems to me reasonable amount of multi core use.
  9. I believe that the detail of electronic interfaces, as well as their technical aspects; will be come more and more sensitive militarily. So perhaps some of your customers would prefer not to have such equipment detailed in the personal edition; you may find that you need a more generic user interface anyway and so can be consistent across vehicles etc. And it would be easier to learn, especially for those who enjoy changing vehicles etc. Yes It's more of a hobby for me. I enjoy small puzzles and trying different solutions. I don't play , didn't get me wrong, I enjoy hooning around and just shooting things up (but also getting into the detail of that). I like to develop scenarios for my own use, I like testing different vehicles. I go about developing my own scenarios slowly step by step, making them more and more complex and the I run out of time Nothing really really, going step by step seems to satisfy the vast majority of my small challenges
  10. This is a very good question. How would I go about just seeing which maps are available? I believe you have to search the map downloader app by number. One thing that I think would be very handy would be the ability to preview maps ( just a simple representation to give you a hint what is there), maybe a large 'thumbnail'. A simple search of maps on your hard drive and another one through the map downloader app. I know it may not be an easy ask, but you do need to find 'the right' map for your scenario.
  11. My C drive tells me it has 267 GB free of 465 GB and I ended up with all of 4.1 there because I had map file issues! How expensive are SSD dics these days? Seriously, mine came with the comp the year before last.
  12. True, that confused me too, had to manually create the 'package's folder in the 'maps' folder and then run the maps installer to update the system files.
  13. That is precisely what started my problems! But it seems to work for most people.
  14. Instead of step 3 try uninstalling and reinstalling Steel Beasts, that may work. I had to: 1. manually create C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\Packages 2. install the maps to that directory. 3. Uninstall and reinstall Steel Beasts Nothing else worked for me
  15. Yes, I found I had to manually create the 'packages' folder. Then point the maps installer to that directory and run it. And then reinstall Steel Beasts. I found that if the maps installer is set to 'ProgramData/eSim Games/Steel Beasts' then the individual map folders ended up interleaved with the 'scenarios' and other folders, including the 'maps' folder. For me the maps installer does not produce the folders that it does for others, no idea why! Continuing to monitor how this installation holds up, so far so good!
  16. Just testing my latest install, with a solitaire scenario. I just put rough routs in and let it run. The navigation is amazing, watching M113s cope with a water obstacle. .
  17. Thank you. I'll have fiddle with the ' ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts ' folder when I get the chance
  18. I initially installed the maps on to the D drive and this time the C, both gave me similar results. But Steel Beasts is running better with the maps on the C drive. I take it that the the individual map folders should be in C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages ?
  19. Yes ProgramData/Steel Beasts, the folder I selected during the map install
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