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  1. If your worried about thieves accessing your bank account because of debit card usage, simply use a secondary bank account which contains a lesser amount that your main account; simple.

    I support the use of credit cards and have no use for a debit card. I would however use PayPal, but that is very much a secondary concern for me.

  2. I simply do not see a problem with a small fee!


    I remember a simulation that cost $120 ( in the early (2000s) and every December there was a new version for, wait for it, $120. If you didn't buy it you, lost all future user created add-ons. If you bought it, you had to upgrade most of what you had created. I think I lasted one upgrade before abandoning that sim.


    Steelbeasts is great, I wish I had found it earlier! They are doing a great job and are not asking for much money!

  3. In my humble opinion, this has gotten out of control.


    I like VR and I like Steel Beasts Pro PE; that does not mean I want to use Steel Beasts Pro PE in VR. In fact I don't, I don't think that the technology is is available to do Steel Beasts Pro PE justice in VR. There are many more important things to incorporated into Steel Beasts Pro PE in future than VR.


    I wonder how many Steel Beasts Pro PE users really want VR before other features.


  4. Oh dear!


    Read my first post in this thread. Yes I do use VR daily! But one other thing you seem to have missed, many people who use Steel Beasts like to play infantry 'realistically'.


    I do sometimes wonder when some people take a throw away line and not see the mildly humorous side.

  5. I can not see the major customers customers paying to up grade to VR soon.


    But thank you for the picture I now have in my mind, of people running around with boxes strapped to their faces, yelling 'tank tank'; as they struggle to point and click on the correct button of the interface.


    I have in the past run around the bush shouting 'tank tank', but that was a long time ago and my face was not covered.

  6. Yes and all that data and programming has to run on consumer grade CPUs and GPUs. Oh and running around the house with a box strapped to your face just looks silly.


    The hardware needs to be robust and 'cheap' for VR to 'take off'. I have not found a game I would like to play in VR, and I don't think anything as detailed as Steel Beasts would be easy to play in VR, the interface being not flexible enough. There are a lot first person shooters, but then Unity tutorials give you a step by step guide to building them.


    What I enjoy at the moment are 'movie clips' shot with  VR cameras; the 'immersion' is fantastic, even with the apparent lack of fidelity. Personally I want to create 3D models of places I have been, not only 360 deg pics but things you an walk through as well.


    For most programs and games it is just plain easier to look at a screen and use your keyboard than strap the head set on and use the controls provided.


    I think that the popularity of VR will increase as the production of VR TV programs and movies increases. Then again when an alternative to the headset is available.

  7. In the last few months I purchased a new 'gaming' PC, from our local computer shop which happens to specialize in VR. I wrote the specs for the PC including a CPU and GPU 'just' below the 'top of the range'; even so while the PC was in test in shop, one of the staff commented to me that the test was going great and he had never seen a PC with 'specs like these' before.


    After 'bedding' the PC in at home and talking extensively with the shop owner, I went back, tried their demo set up and purchased a Rift. I am happy with it. The apparent resolution is no where near my perceived resolution on a 1920 x 1080 display, but the depth perception is great.


    In my opinion it's a case of the software being ahead of the hardware in this area and I think other technologies will overtake the headsets before the resolution increases enough. In my humble opinion probably some form of holographic display. Putting two high enough definition displays right in front of your eyes is probably a hard problem to solve.

  8. 11 hours ago, Kev2go said:

    While there Vr might not work with SB right now, its incorrect for people here to BASh VR headsets as not yet being capable enough for gaming.  Current Commercially sold V.R headsets are not the same Early  limited sale Developer Model  headsets of Oculus or other brands that were being sold a Few years ago which were less mature state. One also has to remember that next Gen V.r Headsets are already in the works. For EG with HTC Vive 2 already teased being unveiled later in 2018 . So V.R is  a Worthy Investment by this point in time.


    Vr works fine for DCS from the Main ones already available.  And  alot who have bought it actually prefer their headsets to Track IR. 

    Have you tried just opening a Steel Beasts  windows in Oculus? I have not tried it and I am sure the controls would not be easy manage. But you can now open any WinOs window in the Rift, or so they say.

  9. 9 hours ago, Marko said:

    Never say never. The Merkava Mk3(Baz and Dor Dalet)  and Mk4 could be implemented as non-crewable AI tanks like the current Merkava 2B. I do not want to be "promiscuous" towards "my baby" but they are beauties: Quote


    Yes please, perfect for me!

  10. 54 minutes ago, ssidiver said:


    So has the 4 in Lebanon 2006, with few damaged. In fact some of the propaganda at the time showed a Magach on it's side, claiming it was a knocked out Merkava 5.

    I have gone to try and find the stats for the Merkava performance, can't locate those figures at the moment. But I have confirmed that the 4 entered service in 2002.



    Found a reference that is still available: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3296462,00.html


    I do recall a list of how many of which model were damaged etc, I think it was from the IDF. Can not locate that.

  11. 4 hours ago, Maj.Hans said:

    That would probably be the age range that I'd be most interested in, the 2/3 series, as I think it's seen some actual combat use.



    So has the 4 in Lebanon 2006, with few damaged. In fact some of the propaganda at the time showed a Magach on it's side, claiming it was a knocked out Merkava 5.

    I have gone to try and find the stats for the Merkava performance, can't locate those figures at the moment. But I have confirmed that the 4 entered service in 2002.


  12. 11 hours ago, Kev2go said:


    no , imo quantity is not better then quality. you need to understnad that in most cases detailed interiors tie into functionality. Many of these vehicles have clickable functions, and in some cases have things like laser Displays or other features that wouldnt be there if it were just Gunner sight, and commander periscope, it part of  a better simulation experience and much more immersive.


    otherwise if i thought that way and did not care for interiors,  may as well just play DCS : combined arms.

    Why do you say that?

    I prefer to have a wide selection of vehicles available and I don't care if they have playable crew positions or not. I use Steel Beasts without using those positions and enjoy it immensely. I have never played DCS : combined arms, but a quick look at their web page gives me the feeling of inferiority to Steel Beasts.

  13. It's always sad when a beloved pet passes away. We always have a pair and a spare (as the oldest ages).


    The oldest went a few months ago. Having the pair left made it easier on his mates.


    Our youngest is a rescue and it appears they lied about his age, he has taken so long to calm down. And we have no idea where he gets his absolute hatred of the postman from!

  14. 1 hour ago, Ssnake said:


    Yes, you do. Selling the Personal Edition contributes to somewhere between 5% and 10% of the total turnover every year (and more than 95% of the customer support effort). We devote between 10% and 20% of the development time to features that can be considered "PE items", which is a disproportional amount. Rest assured, you are not shorthanded as a customer group!

    More than 75% of eSim's annual turnover are reinvested into research and development, another relevant figure, I guess. And more than 85% of all personnel are directly involved with R&D, which is an awesome teeth-to-tail ratio.


    Thank you, for these stats!

    Though personally I have not seen anything overly annoying. Patience solves most of my problems.

    Version 3 was excellent and four is even better!


    Thank you (and the team)!

  15. Also parachutes get 'heavier' when in water and the platforms are heavy, even without vehicles rigged to them.


    I have seen a training vid of US soldiers drop in a jeep. But vehicles hit hard, and you don't really know where they will land, so I would not drop in a vehicle.


    Normally equipment and troops are dropped separately, at least everything I've seen.

  16. 7 hours ago, Panzer_Leader said:

    two-volume history 'Canister! On! Fire!: Australian Tank Operations in Vietnam' by Bruce Cameron, a former Centurion troop leader in Vietnam


    Thank you That does sound interesting!


  17. On 24/09/2016 at 7:04 PM, Panzer_Leader said:


    Which other of his titles do you have?

    Just got home, so I'll reach for the shelf:


    Military Briefs:


    1- Australian Fire Support Vehicles

    2- Israeli Tank Based Carriers

    3- Australian Centurions in Vietnam


    Also next to them I found Australian Military Equipment Profiles vol 4 The M113 and M113A1 Armoured Personnel Carriers in Australian Service 1962 to 1972 by Michael K Cecil


    Oh and a quite thick one by John Myszka Israeli Military Vehicles The First 50 Years 1948 - 1998


    Enjoyed them all




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