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  1. So has the 4 in Lebanon 2006, with few damaged. In fact some of the propaganda at the time showed a Magach on it's side, claiming it was a knocked out Merkava 5. I have gone to try and find the stats for the Merkava performance, can't locate those figures at the moment. But I have confirmed that the 4 entered service in 2002.
  2. Why do you say that? I prefer to have a wide selection of vehicles available and I don't care if they have playable crew positions or not. I use Steel Beasts without using those positions and enjoy it immensely. I have never played DCS : combined arms, but a quick look at their web page gives me the feeling of inferiority to Steel Beasts.
  3. It's always sad when a beloved pet passes away. We always have a pair and a spare (as the oldest ages). The oldest went a few months ago. Having the pair left made it easier on his mates. Our youngest is a rescue and it appears they lied about his age, he has taken so long to calm down. And we have no idea where he gets his absolute hatred of the postman from!
  4. Thank you, for these stats! Though personally I have not seen anything overly annoying. Patience solves most of my problems. Version 3 was excellent and four is even better! Thank you (and the team)!
  5. I'm still fond of the Lee Enfield!
  6. No, it's the mice! Just this week I heard of a 'study' in logic, apparently based on the number of possible universes. Their conclusion was that it was highly unlikely that life as we know it evolved, in this universe. So we must be in a simulator run by someone else.
  7. Also parachutes get 'heavier' when in water and the platforms are heavy, even without vehicles rigged to them. I have seen a training vid of US soldiers drop in a jeep. But vehicles hit hard, and you don't really know where they will land, so I would not drop in a vehicle. Normally equipment and troops are dropped separately, at least everything I've seen.
  8. Thank you That does sound interesting!
  9. Just got home, so I'll reach for the shelf: Military Briefs: 1- Australian Fire Support Vehicles 2- Israeli Tank Based Carriers 3- Australian Centurions in Vietnam Also next to them I found Australian Military Equipment Profiles vol 4 The M113 and M113A1 Armoured Personnel Carriers in Australian Service 1962 to 1972 by Michael K Cecil Oh and a quite thick one by John Myszka Israeli Military Vehicles The First 50 Years 1948 - 1998 Enjoyed them all
  10. I have some of his books, they are excellent!
  11. I would love 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. A great wish list!
  12. Your transaction was approved! Thank you, so much. Hmm, so I could have something unusual on the PC; I'll look. Though Win10 does not seem to like some ASUS software, who knows?
  13. Just tried once more, This time I got "The connection has timed out" from page "http://www.esimgames.com/cgi-bin/charges_wp.pl"
  14. There, right then. Multiple browsers, VPN on and VPN off and at one point that first page would not load. Thank you for looking
  15. Thank you so much for that! However, I am unfortunately time poor at the moment. It was my first opportunity to try.
  16. I believe I have filled the form in correctly, suburb (city), state, postcode and country. Then select 'upgrade license' 1. But every time I press the button, I get a new page loaded that simply says 'forbidden'. Have tried multiple browsers and rebooting, to no avail. Please help Lees than gruntled
  17. I have Win 10 and no problems. My exec file is at: "C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\Release\SBProPE64cm.exe" Just a thought are your files in a hidden directory?
  18. I am saving myself the effort as well, since The graphics are in SB Pro PE v3 are just fine for me!
  19. I am happy to wait till it is ready, that's why I have said nothing. But there is another 'game that I play' they decided to replace it with a new updated version. They released that new version in January 2014 as a beta, to witch they sold subscriptions. Luckily the subs were good for the original as well; the new updated version is still in Beta and still lacking basic features of the old version. There is a lot of great new stuff coming in version 4.0, well worth a wait! Give eSims plenty of time, they are the only ones that can say when it's ready for release and how much in the first release. Personally I think a first release soon, followed by the rest when it's ready. But it's their call.
  20. Oh, your joking!! The Prime Minister and the Governor General had a disagreement, about legislation and the opposition was on the side of Governor General. The Governor General managed to ring the Queen before the Prime Minister could, got her support and called a new election. I lived through it! Don't believe every conspiracy theory you come across!
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