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  1. 7 hours ago, Major duck said:

    My wish list

    1. Detachable F5 Map view so i can move it onto my second screen
    2. Update the arty system so the fire coordinator can get corrections from the observers pos and not only his own and make the arty queue more logical and visible
    3. Get a compass that works both in 3d view and on the maps with both mils and degrees
    4. Get dismounts for the GD M240 all versions and be able to shoot with the MG3 from the scout version
    5. Be able to control what each man in a platoon has as a function/armament so we don’t have to make so many workarounds(with the default units) and then group them and give them a call sign as a group so you make each individual and then a weapons/Fire Team, then a Squad/section, then a platoon with the different teams then coys etc... and off course make them reusable like legos. (Sort of like a bottom up callsign template without the c/S template but so you can only chose units from the unit template so if you need more units import another unit template).
    6. Make a drag and drop like system for the maps with a configurable icon system (Nato,WAPA,Others,Custom)so we can play without map updates and still fast update our maps with enemy pos etc.. like if we or our staffs drew on the map with a grease pen
    7. Make the Centurion 5/2-DK playable, it used the same FCS , TIS and laser system as the leo 1 
    8. Get a crew able M113A2 Mk I DK “Wildcat/Mickey Mouse” (Inf Firesupport/Anti helo support vehicle)

    9. Get the M41DK1 (Recce/Light Tank)





    I would love 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.


    A great wish list!

  2. I believe I have filled the form in correctly, suburb (city), state, postcode and country. Then select 'upgrade license' 1.


    But every time I press the button, I get a new page loaded that simply says 'forbidden'.


    Have tried multiple browsers and rebooting, to no avail.


    Please help


    Lees than gruntled

  3. I have Win 10 and no problems. My exec file is at:


    "C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\Release\SBProPE64cm.exe"


    Just a thought are your files in a hidden directory?

  4. 12 hours ago, mpdugas said:


    Not seeing much emotion in my "Of course, SB Pro is going to be stable; it hasn't changed much since Gold, lol! ", except perhaps the lol at the end; is that what you mean?


    Seriously, save yourself the effort, I know you are not going to answer me.  You don't even have to make up an excuse to ban my comments; I'm done.


    I am saving myself the effort as well, since The graphics are in SB Pro PE v3 are just fine for me!

  5. I am happy to wait till it is ready, that's why I have said nothing.


    But there is another 'game that I play' they decided to replace it with a new updated version. They released that new version in January 2014 as a beta, to witch they sold subscriptions. Luckily the subs were good for the original as well; the new updated version is still in Beta and still lacking basic features of the old version.


    There is a lot of great new stuff coming in version 4.0, well worth a wait! Give eSims plenty of time, they are the only ones that can say when it's ready for release and how much in the first release.


    Personally I think a first release soon, followed by the rest when it's ready. But it's their call.



  6. Oh, your joking!!


    The Prime Minister and the Governor General had a disagreement, about legislation and the opposition was on the side of Governor General.


    The Governor General managed to ring the Queen before the Prime Minister could, got her support and called a new election.


    I lived through it! Don't believe every conspiracy theory you come across!

  7. "  Here are a few examples of overt or covert regime change operations with various degrees of success:


    - Australia 1973-75




    I have obviously missed something. Are you saying Australia overtly or covertly conducted a regime change or that someone tried to over though the Australian government?


    I am complete confused by this.


    Even checked my handy list of wars that Australia has been involved in, nothing, zip, nanda

  8. Remote systems seem to be getting more popular now too.

    It is not beyond the realms of possibility that all the weapons maybe remotely controlled at some distance in the near future, and possibly have on board 'intelligence'. But I guess that increases the maintenance exponentially and ignores signal security.

    Having said that, now we need four crew to maintain and secure an MBT. So any reduction in crew needs a rethink of maintenance, supply and security.

  9. On 05/06/2016 at 9:50 AM, Gibsonm said:


    Well your opinion might change once there are three of you trying to repair something and heavy lifting is required or you stop at 2200 and find you have a 3 hour picquet (say 0000 to 0300) instead of a 2 hour one, before starting again at 0500. :)


    Never been in Armour, but I agree there needs to be sufficient soldiers to provide security, particularly at night.

    That would need to be organized, do you have company resources loaned to the platoons over night? Maybe just pair an IFV with each tank? Or each tank has two complete crews?






  10. 9 hours ago, Marko said:

    Did some reserch on the subject.

    Seemingly the whole crew is not in the BMD just the driver and gunner.

    The rest parachute and find there ride via a radio signal

    couldn't find out how long it takes then to make the vehicle ready to proceed to the objective after the drop.

    seemingly the VDV regard the process as relatively safe .



    I have no idea of how the Russians drop vehicles, but from my observations:


    You can easily need four large parachutes on a vehicle, these need to be detached (hopefully in good enough condition to be repacked).

    Then there is cushioning material between the platform and the vehicle, this needs to be dragged out. ( I once saw two air dispatchers unsuccessfully try to drive a dozer, for at least twenty minutes, off a platform that still had some cushioning material left)

    And of course all the strapping that holds the vehicle to the platform, and the parachutes to the platform, most of that is just cut. But it's a combination of a lot of little stuff and some very strong stuff.'

    Then there are parts of the vehicle tapped down and in some cases detached. There was a detailed manual for each vehicle type certified to be dropped, I believe.


    So I guess maybe half an hour to retrieve the vehicle, if your lucky


    1 hour ago, Marko said:

    Did not believe me eyes when I first saw them do it either.

    But when you think about it if your dropping in to a hot LZ you may be better off.


    Apparently not, the US did discontinue the jeep and crew idea, they tried.


    Without getting too technical, you just can't drive away a vehicle that has been dropped. Someone has to disconnect everything.


  12. On 22/04/2016 at 9:56 AM, Marko said:

    Lucky the US Airborne troops don't follow the Russian VDV policy of air dropping BMD's with dismounts in the vehicles.  LoL


    That maybe because the US had already tried it jeeps; I remember seeing a training vid that was probably from the early sixties.

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