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  1. " Here are a few examples of overt or covert regime change operations with various degrees of success: - - Australia 1973-75 -" I have obviously missed something. Are you saying Australia overtly or covertly conducted a regime change or that someone tried to over though the Australian government? I am complete confused by this. Even checked my handy list of wars that Australia has been involved in, nothing, zip, nanda
  2. Remote systems seem to be getting more popular now too. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that all the weapons maybe remotely controlled at some distance in the near future, and possibly have on board 'intelligence'. But I guess that increases the maintenance exponentially and ignores signal security. Having said that, now we need four crew to maintain and secure an MBT. So any reduction in crew needs a rethink of maintenance, supply and security.
  3. Never been in Armour, but I agree there needs to be sufficient soldiers to provide security, particularly at night. That would need to be organized, do you have company resources loaned to the platoons over night? Maybe just pair an IFV with each tank? Or each tank has two complete crews?
  4. Yes, thank you. I liked Black effect but would have been happier if it just followed one or two units. Basically I lost track of who was who, but then I read in bed and fall asleep.
  5. $20 for the kindle edition, sounds good, maybe
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    I have no idea of how the Russians drop vehicles, but from my observations: You can easily need four large parachutes on a vehicle, these need to be detached (hopefully in good enough condition to be repacked). Then there is cushioning material between the platform and the vehicle, this needs to be dragged out. ( I once saw two air dispatchers unsuccessfully try to drive a dozer, for at least twenty minutes, off a platform that still had some cushioning material left) And of course all the strapping that holds the vehicle to the platform, and the parachutes to the platform, most of that is just cut. But it's a combination of a lot of little stuff and some very strong stuff.' Then there are parts of the vehicle tapped down and in some cases detached. There was a detailed manual for each vehicle type certified to be dropped, I believe. So I guess maybe half an hour to retrieve the vehicle, if your lucky
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    Apparently not, the US did discontinue the jeep and crew idea, they tried. Without getting too technical, you just can't drive away a vehicle that has been dropped. Someone has to disconnect everything.
  8. ssidiver


    That maybe because the US had already tried it jeeps; I remember seeing a training vid that was probably from the early sixties.
  9. I can't tell the difference between The US and the Aussie.
  10. Must try the English! Is there an Australian voice pack, by any chance?
  11. Having something to play for about 15 mins would be great. You might be surprised how often I need amusement for short periods!
  12. Thank you, That looks interesting and would be affordable, just to try at that price. Not sure about the bio-metric fascial recognition though; My Beloved can't get thumb print to work consistently on her iPhone. And ocular rift is supposedly going to be around $200 sometime this quarter. :cool3:
  13. Well, I will remain loyal to Steel Beasts, after all I came here because of a support issue with my copy of Shock Force.
  14. Does this help: http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=181
  15. Yeah, it was the speed that 'got me'.
  16. "The K1 is also equipped with a Halon fire extinguishing system, which thanks to its internal infrared sensors, will automatically extinguish a fire in the crew compartment within 0.025 of a second!" And the crew can still breathe? Halon systems, in buildings, usually give occupants a short time to exit.
  17. Yep might. "According to remarks by a senior U.S. Department of Defense official, the United States would not oppose Indian purchases of advanced U.S. aircraft carrier technology." Similar things were said about us getting the F22. Never under estimate politics.
  18. Great news! I was wondering. I was going to wait a couple of months, but things seem to be going well apart from Microsoft's authentication servers running hot. I heard it would be continually updated, so may not be a service pack.
  19. My number one choice! Then there are the heavy infantry variants.
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