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  1. Starting at 0:27, footage from the Israeli beach landing operation during the 1982 Lebanon war: https://reuters.screenocean.com/record/1048536 The landing took place near the Awali River estuary, a few kms north of Sidon. The landing craft is an Ashdod-class. Among the AFVs seen in the video are M113s, M60s, M60A1s, Merkava Mk. 1 (2:52), M60 AVLB (3:59), halftracks (4:20). Note the colored air-to-ground IFF sheets (mentioned once before).
  2. AFAIK, no fatalities in this case. Never heard about it. If it did happen, I doubt that this 'military' vehicle was Israeli. It sounds like the OHCHR describes a Hamas vehicle as a 'military' vehicle. Of course Israeli medical evacuation vehicles do not carry photographers.
  3. Medical evacuation M113 hit by 120 mm mortar shell, Ghaza 2014
  4. 1967 war booty lot in Israel: https://jfc.org.il/news_journal/60604-2/96411-2/?lang=eng Among the AFVs shown are SU-100s, T-34/85s, T-54/55s, ZSU-57-2 (0:19 in the video), IS-3 (0:44), M4 Shermans (0:56, some of them are fitted with AMX-13 turrets).
  5. Awful series, huge disappointment. Ridiculous plot and story-lines, bad acting, political bias. The series would just provide the viewer with a totally wrong impression of pretty much everything it tries to depict. Besides, non-Israelis would hardly understand much of it. The tank scenes are very few and unrealistic. The AFVs shown are Shot Cal Gimmel (taken from a monument), Tiran-5 (from Elbit Systems), BTR-152 (from the Latrun Museum exhibition) and M113. Great efforts were made to revive the old Shot Cal, almost 20 years after the last Centurion MBTs were phased out (2002-3). The in-t
  6. US army in Germany, 1966 M60s, M113s, M88s and Gillois amphibious tank carriers are seen from 3:00 and on.
  7. Really bad series, but there are a few tank scenes: Note that the GPS is the same as in the M48/M60. It was installed on the Israeli Centurions along with the 105mm main gun since the mid-'60s. Unlike the M48/M60, that had an optical rangefinder and a mechanical ballistic computer, the Centurion's main gun was elevated by the gunner using a range drum (which had scale marks for each type of round) after the TC estimated the range.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valley_of_Tears_(TV_Series) Trailer:
  9. Another aspect is that AP hits can be difficult to observe at long range. In Sherman tanks, where a range finder didn't exist, crews used to fire HE rounds first to determine the range, and after scoring a hit they switched to AP.
  10. IDF first women tank instructors, 1978
  11. IDF 440th armored division Tiran-5 tanks in desert training, 1976 https://reuters.screenocean.com/record/179460 After the 1973 war, the IDF Tiran fleet was beefed-up from one armored brigade to four. Three of them composed the 440th armored division, which was based at the ex-British camp in the Rafah Gap, and the last one (with Tiran-6 tanks) was based in northern Israel. The tanks are already sporting 105 mm guns and most of them also have rubber fenders (likewise the Bovington Tiran-4 from the previous post), but no external stowage bins on the turret yet. Tank number 130381
  12. Syrian army training (armor in the first 6 minutes) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/25th_Special_Mission_Forces_Division
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