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  1. Israeli Sports Channel's motor sports broadcasters report from the IDF tank competition at the Golan Heights, April 2018. Competitors represent their brigades, including some reserve ones, equipped with Merkava Mk. 2s, 3s and 4s. At 2:00 in the video, Yom Kippur War veterans (invited to watch the competition) are interviewed. When asked what tank did they hated driving the most, they mention the M48A2C and the Sherman.
  2. There was one famous such case in the 1967 Six Day war. At the heart of Khan Younis, Yosef Lapper, a young IDF reserve tanker (trained as a TC, but positioned as a loader), fought alone for 8 hours from his immobilized M48A2C, loading and shooting the main gun all by himself. Eventually, IDF troops reached him and evacuated him to hospital, where Lapper suddenly remembered he still has in his pocket the hand grenade he had prepared in case the Egyptians would climb on his tank. Of course he was decorated with the highest decoration. Lapper's reserve service was quite extraordinary, having experienced heavy fighting also in 1973 (M48A3 loader, injured again, during the failed October 8th counterattack) and 1982 (M60A1 RISE TC near Sultan Yacoub, the only tank in his company that wasn't hit). He also got an additional citation (low level this time) in 1976, for killing two terrorists who tried to infiltrate Israel through the Dead Sea. The 1968 movie Kol Mamzer Melekh includes a battle scene that is based on Lapper's fighting: and another video, depicting this case more accurately:
  3. Israeli Armor Corps promotional film from the mid-'70s: 0:00-5:12: M60 'slick' MBTs in the Sinai, of the 500th armored brigade. In the summer of 1974, these ex-US army M60s replaced the Centurions (Shot Cals) that had been used by the 500th during the 1973 war, while the Centurions were re-assigned to other units in northern Israel. 5:12-8:37: the speaker, among other new conscripts, is sent to the Armor School and undergoes basic training. 8:37-13:02: tank crewmember training, in the classroom, firing range and in the field. 13:32-14:48: tanker training graduation ceremony at Masada, taking the warrior's oath. Speech by Moshe Peled, Armor Corps CG 1974-1979 (146th armored division CO in 1973). 14:48-16:48: tank crew, platoon and company training in the Sinai, alongside mechanized infantry. 16:48-20:55: tanker service life in different locations. 20:55-22:06: the speaker is interviewed and leaves for TC course. 22:06-23:00: TC course (the classroom part). 23:00-23:50: TC course graduation ceremony in the Sinai.
  4. 1 meter/sec is about 2 knots. The Sagger missile is slower than a jet fighter, but also much smaller of course. In two cases during the 1973 war, Syrian Styx anti-ship missiles (much faster than the Sagger, but also bigger) were shot down by .50 cal fire from Israeli Sa'ar missile boats.
  5. The Austrians acquired M60A1s and later upgraded them to A3. Didn't all of them got TTS? Do they still have M60A1s in the original configuration? I was under the impression that all non-TTS M60A3s were retrofitted with TTS by the mid-'80s.
  6. Iarmor


    Yes for the T-72, but no for the T-54/55/62. Not sure about the M48. https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2017/01/t-54.html https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2017/12/t-72-part-2.html#fuel_tanks
  7. Iarmor


    Note the penetration hole on the gun mantlet http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GPxgMYMVgnY/Utcd70-IOsI/AAAAAAAABMo/WsrTbdrR7xk/s1600/t_62.jpg
  8. Iarmor


    Another example, an Egyptian T-62 destroyed while carrying Diesel fuel drums
  9. Iarmor


    Not just for visuals. A tank carrying fuel drums might catch fire easily, even from artillery or small arms fire. During the 1967 war, gasoline drums carried on Jordanian M48s were used as aiming points for Israeli M50 Shermans and AML-90s, after they failed to penetrate the M48's armor. Diesel fuel is less flammable than gasoline, but still it's better for the T-xx to remove the fuel drums before going into battle.
  10. The Egyptians made wide use of simulators. See 13:39 in the video I posted on another thread:
  11. Pontoon bridge as one of the bridge models
  12. Iarmor

    We love photos

    More pictures by the same photographer: SU-100 Soft-skin convoy M3 halftrack mounting a DEFA D921 90 mm AT gun SA-321K Super Frelon T-34/85 in the Banias stream ex-Jordanian Land Rover, captured in the Chiftlik on June 7th, pressed into IDF service, destroyed near the Banias stream on June 10th Shot (20 pounder)
  13. Iarmor

    "Sagger drill"

    Correction and details, according to an official IDF report from August 1973: The aforementioned skirmishes occurred between November 1972 and February 1973. There were 3 major skirmishes, on November 9th, November 21st and January 9th. Both sides employed tanks (Shot Cal vs. T-54 and SU-100), artillery and fighter jets. The Syrians also employed AT guns and, for the first time, Sagger ATGMs (which the IDF have already met in the Suez Canal in 1970). All in all, 3 Israeli tanks were hit by Saggers (additional ones were hit by other munitions). The first Sagger launch was spotted by the IDF during the November 21st skirmish, near Stronghold 105 in the northern Golan Heights sector. Following intelligence reports, the IDF had prepared for a wider use of Saggers towards the January 9th skirmish. One tank in every platoon was appointed as a 'missile observer' and the Syrian positions were to be pounded with artillery fire. During the January 9th skirmish, the Syrians launched around 30 Saggers in the northern sector and some 6-7 in the southern sector. Two Israeli tanks were hit by Saggers: In the northern sector, near Stronghold 105, tank no. 814142 was scratched in the rear hull. Shown on page 53. In the southern sector, near Stronghold 115, tank no. 814152 was penetrated in the gun mantlet. The gunner was lightly injured and the main gun went inoperative. Shown on page 55. Unexploded missile remnants are shown on page 57. Lastly, a minor skirmish occurred on February 15th, during which 5 Saggers were launched in the southern sector (from around Abdin) and one Israeli tank was hit. The biscuit box mounted on the tank's front hull was destroyed.
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