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  1. Awful series, huge disappointment. Ridiculous plot and story-lines, bad acting, political bias. The series would just provide the viewer with a totally wrong impression of pretty much everything it tries to depict. Besides, non-Israelis would hardly understand much of it. The tank scenes are very few and unrealistic. The AFVs shown are Shot Cal Gimmel (taken from a monument), Tiran-5 (from Elbit Systems), BTR-152 (from the Latrun Museum exhibition) and M113. Great efforts were made to revive the old Shot Cal, almost 20 years after the last Centurion MBTs were phased out (2002-3). The in-t
  2. US army in Germany, 1966 M60s, M113s, M88s and Gillois amphibious tank carriers are seen from 3:00 and on.
  3. Really bad series, but there are a few tank scenes: Note that the GPS is the same as in the M48/M60. It was installed on the Israeli Centurions along with the 105mm main gun since the mid-'60s. Unlike the M48/M60, that had an optical rangefinder and a mechanical ballistic computer, the Centurion's main gun was elevated by the gunner using a range drum (which had scale marks for each type of round) after the TC estimated the range.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valley_of_Tears_(TV_Series) Trailer:
  5. Another aspect is that AP hits can be difficult to observe at long range. In Sherman tanks, where a range finder didn't exist, crews used to fire HE rounds first to determine the range, and after scoring a hit they switched to AP.
  6. IDF first women tank instructors, 1978
  7. IDF 440th armored division Tiran-5 tanks in desert training, 1976 https://reuters.screenocean.com/record/179460 After the 1973 war, the IDF Tiran fleet was beefed-up from one armored brigade to four. Three of them composed the 440th armored division, which was based at the ex-British camp in the Rafah Gap, and the last one (with Tiran-6 tanks) was based in northern Israel. The tanks are already sporting 105 mm guns and most of them also have rubber fenders (likewise the Bovington Tiran-4 from the previous post), but no external stowage bins on the turret yet. Tank number 130381
  8. Syrian army training (armor in the first 6 minutes) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/25th_Special_Mission_Forces_Division
  9. M48/M60 and T-54/55/62 popped their turrets much more often than Shot Cal. Unlike the others, the Shot Cal had no main gun rounds stored above turret ring. In addition, the original British turret control system was electric, as opposed to the Cadillac Gage hydraulic system on the M48 (A2 and onwards) and M60, which made the Shot Cal Alef (1970) much less flammable. OTOH, the Cadillac Gage system had much superior performance, so the IDF installed it nonetheless on Shot Cal Bet (1975/6). As a result, in the 1982 war the burn injury rates among IDF Centurion crews and among M48/M60 crews w
  10. Ths SU-100 picture in the video at 11:10 was taken near Suez city during the 1973 war. The vehicle is painted with the 3-tone (sand yellow, brown, black) camouflage scheme, the standard scheme of Egyptian army AFVs in 1973. The picture at 10:50 looks genuine from 1956, with an all-yellow paint scheme and a crescent marking. British army Centurions, French army M47s and AMX-13s followed the paratroopers in Port Said: The first and last Israeli combat paratroop drop also took place in the 1956 conflict, at the eastern end of the Mitla Mo
  11. Not regarding a particular field test in specific conditions, but rather general impression following years of service. Some saw their own tank's tracks being replaced during their service. Others got a brand-new M60A1 RISE instead of a 15-year-old worn-out M60. Of course the IDF did execute many mobility tests for the different types of tanks in service, in many different locations. Generally, the T-54/55/62 prevailed over the western designs. The M48 and M60 with rubber tracks were faster than the Centurion in the Sinai desert, but in rocky terrain the Centurion was far better. For this
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