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  1. Tentatively yes. That's 0330 my time. My whole life I've debated the question (aside from the technical answer) as to whether 0330 is still "last night" or "this morning".
  2. I am also running into a problem where every bridge (so far) wants to crush under the weight of a Challenger. Is this intended or possibly unintended due to an older scenario being played in 4.167? Refreshing the map in Map Editor did not help.
  3. Heh, yeah that would probably be it... I believe it was the RKh version, it was turretless, at least in the 3d view during AAR playback. Lesson learned: AI gunners apparently don't react to ghosts...
  4. Yes, good time today with a good group. So about 45 min into the mission I was wondering why my AI gunner kept slewing the turret back to about my 8 o'clock and identifying a target. I thought "there's only friendlies back there, fool" If you look at the AAR tape at T +44:40, you will see the BRDM in the woods just off my 8 o'clock...
  5. I have also started SB after a very long hiatus and have started working through the Hornfelt missions. Thanks to the links above I was able to get the maps installed. After installing the maps however, I suspect that the maps refreshed in 2020 are not the same data as when the scenario was designed many years ago. I played Mission #2 first (several times actually) and it went as expected. When I try to play Mission #3 Attack by Fire, I am running into a problem where the scripting of the mission never proceeds past the first message that appears right after the start o
  6. There are other games where you can set an option to trap/untrap mouse cursor, and yet other games where the mouse isn't trapped within the program at all. X-Plane11 is one off the top of my head where the mouse isn't restricted and you can move it about multiple screens. I do the same thing there - move the mouse to another monitor to scroll through pdf pages. I'll try the fullscreenwindow parameter to see how that works. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, noob here so go easy on me. Well, I had v2.XXX many years ago but I don't remember much from that. Anyway, I have 3 monitors on my PC. Not looking to do anything fancy like map displays on another monitor (although that would be cool...). Tried to search for this but didn't find what I was looking for. All I want to do is run SBPro in full screen mode and have the ability to "untrap" the mouse from the main screen so I can scroll pages on pdf manuals/web pages/videos on a 2nd & 3rd monitor. Is there a way? I know I can run in windowed mode but it would be n
  8. Just dropped in to check out SB and started watching some of the recent videos. Great stuff! Looks like SB has come a long way since I tried it eons ago (v 2. something). Also looks like the product is still alive and quite well and has a good following?
  9. Old cav troopers never die, they just... move on to another group? :cvcsalut: Hey thanks for the welcoming party everyone. Ok, I got the license issue worked out thanks to Ssnake, and now I'm up and running for 30 days. Did some gunnery training and a little driving from the TC's hatch. I figure I'm not going to be spending much time in the gunners seat but it was kind of fun and brought back memories of my days as an M60A3 gunner. Now I'm in the mission editor and trying to figure out basic stuff. Opened up the CMTC Hohenfels map and going into view mode I was amazed that it looked familiar a
  10. I am East Coast USA so UTC -5 (I updated my location in my profile). All of that is out the window though since I work 1500-2300 so morning my time is the best for me, which would mean a group in Perth would probably be more on my schedule... :c: But until I can get the thing to accept the license I just bought it doesn't matter. Apparently I fell into the Chrome trap. I saw the bit about winning the 1 year free, but didn't that end at 102000ZDEC?
  11. Yeah, the YouTube videos are what got me to look into it a little further. Downloading now and ordering a one month license to see how she drives.
  12. Hi all, I had the original Steel Beasts back in the day, 2000-ish? Maybe even earlier? I've just started checking out SB Pro PE to see if it's something I might want to get into. I've known about it for years but time & price both kept me away. I haven't downloaded or purchased anything yet. Still trying to decide if I want to do it and if so, what do I want to purchase. I'm a retired US Army tanker and I can see myself getting into mission design, but first I'm trying to get an idea of how user friendly SB Pro PE is and what is the learning curve like before I commit to the full purchase.
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