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  1. Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well. I'm going to ask a 'dangerous' question: Should I change anything in this scenario? I think Op Sovereign Shield is at a descent stage of development but, for those of you that really understand armor warfare; does this scenario make sense to you? <<<Actually, that statement above seems awkward - they way I meant it is: For those of you out there that are really into and study how armor tactics work - we all understand it; even me, somewhat. And I'm a noob>>> I ask because, I want to make variants of more nations for it but, need to know if my base product is worthy of 'cloning' over to new flavors. You can say anything about it from 'it truly sucks' to 'I love this.' I really respect your opinions. I just want to know if I'm on the right track here.
  2. Hedgehog, Denmark sounds great too!:bigsmile: // Froggy, I want to put France in there but, I did not see how to get an AMX or Leclerc in there. Thanks to you, I see it will work.:bigsmile: // I'm synthesizing all of this info and making a list of what's to be done. So far, I have a list of: Australia Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Spain Switzerland U.K. Russia U.N. U.S.A (already done) :bigsmile: You guys are truly awesome! Thanks for your input. I will be releasing these one by one very soon. I hope to do a few things here in there to the army base to hopefully give it some flavor for it's nation of choice.:bigsmile:
  3. Marko, you are right. There is a nice high-resolution LEO interior that has Spanish language for the controls. Thanks, guys. I guess there are some real nice possibilities here!
  4. Marko, I had Finland in mind but, I haven't looked into them yet. Now that you said that, I see it will work:bigsmile:
  5. So far: Austrailia Sweden U.K. U.N. U.S.A. U.S.S.R ...and the 'National Army' that's in this scenario
  6. Marko, thanks! I'm going to use that mix:bigsmile: Thanks, Mark! How can I forget Australia here? This is probably the only sim that has them available. I'll put them in:bigsmile:
  7. Tacbat, that's true. I think we can work with that. I'm going to load up all the playable ones up in a row and give each one a fair shot.
  8. Redwardancer, I see your point and agree with you. I'm also very glad that SB has a few quality model that use outstanding mechanics, instead of many, 'cheesy arcade' tanks. But, for instance, Soviet BMP's are pretty good in urban warfare yet, we can't control them here - and you know how this will end up in the hand of AI. So it's going to be a little hard to make a Soviet urban assault that has some realism, I feel. Unless I find a country that has APC's that are in this game. Also, for the U.K, its hard to get a complete set of vehicles that are British. Maybe I can take advantage of the fact I'm using the 'National Army' to get away with an interesting mix here. I'll release the Op Sovereign Shield with 'God-Tank' Leo's for you very soon. // D u k e, I'm going to bring Sweden into Op Sovereign Shield. Also, the U.N, should have a nice vibe too along with a few more as soon as I figure it out.
  9. Hello everyone, I hope your all well. I want to put LEO's in a scenario and maybe make them German but, the Marder APC's aren't fully playable. Maybe a nation with LEO's and CV-90's will make it a fuller experience (Sweden maybe?). Another example; the BMP's arent playable yet, I want to put soviet vehicles that we can command. What is a short list of nations that use the most playable vehicles in SB3?
  10. RedWardancer, thank you! I will most likely try making another one. I'm waiting to see if anybody shares their opinion on weather the enemy tactics seem interesting, as I feel that is where I might let some of the more experienced players down. If people like it, I'll know I'm on a good track. That said, the fact you said that, along with Daskal makes it all worth it and I will certainly do my best for you again:) // Daskal, I want to say I'm sorry for ranting here about detail and stuff. This is your thread. And thank you for your kind words. Marino (1-DRAGON)
  11. Daskal, I'm honored. It is your cool, surreal videos on youtube that finally got me to check out how good Steel Beasts is. Thank you. * I want to mention that I notice that the supply convoy moves well through town if the path is clear but, its best if you actually drive the lead tank of each platoon over the bridge before setting their northern paths. I know its work but, search on the internet 'tank accidents' and 'logistics accidents' and you'll see where I'm going with it. I feel its realistic in a fair sense to real military operations. * For Version 4.3, I hope to: > Give around an extra 4 minutes for you to have time to cross the bridge and set up for the invasion. > Work out some random events to keep the scenario giving nice surprises. > Make that rear platoon of M1 roll out with you (oops, sorry again). I think that I'm almost at the point where it's close to finished. Now is the time for feedback and suggestions on bugs, improvements and use of tactics. After it's working well, I will port it over to offer German, U.K, U.N. and Russian versions. Like I said, I'm All-American but, I can't wait to see what vibe this scenario gives commanding Soviet-era equipment. Take care, Marino (1-DRAGON)
  12. RedWardancer, I use the 'arm if' option in the OP Sovereign Shield scenario but, I put it as [RED / EVENT / "WAVE 2 . example" / IS TRUE] just below the Trigger option line. I am going to make a bunch of these random options in that scenario as soon as I figure out the if n < Xn < m type of logic (I might have to read the instructions for once in this sim). Take care, Marino (1-DRAGON)
  13. Hello everyone! UPDATE 22 FEB 2015 * In keeping with my promise, I tested this scenario by test-playing it for Ver.4.2. This is a fairly complex scenario (any more complex and should just write a .dll on c++ for it). Today my wife went to the mall and I am on my day off. No multi-tasking. I cleaned up the script and tested it through. I won't release any more unless I test them from now on. Sorry about that. But, under my time limits and complexity, errors were in the downloads. Now I take the time to check them well. * Going to work on random probabilities so that it plays a little differently every time. * Although I am All-American myself, I am going to make a U.K, German, U.N and even Russian version for our forces. /// I just uploaded V4 of Operation Sovereign Shield 'Full-Pack' and also 'Objective 1 and 2.' I included the 1 and 2 finally, if you want to avoid going through the town every time to get to the main objectives. I also rewrote the armor tactics for the whole scenario. * I notice that many view this post and want to mention that I will make fewer but, higher-quality updates to this scenario. I understand that you put your time downloading them. And the webmasters have some back end work to do with each one. Since I've developed this on limited time, I often rushed them out at the last moment so you can have them. I just rather you have the newest build and benefit from it - and that's were the hurried rush causes glitches. I promise to make the updates with as few bugs as possible so you know your getting something you can truly enjoy I have some questions about this scenario and its development future: 1_What do you think of the way this scenario plays out? 2_Are the tactics pretty good? 3_Is it too long or is this a nice complexity? 4_How can it be better for you? I welcome any comments and suggestions. * Oh, and I am uploading an update very soon. I was out of time and noticed after the upload a few bugs with the text scripting that I will correct - Almost there though. *** I want to give TACBAT, a huge thank you and appreciation for his work in helping me with the terrain map to help me make cliffs and hills in this version. He offered his work and did an excellent job! Thanks, TACBAT. I hope you enjoy. Marino (1-DRAGON) :drink::bigsmile::bigsmile:
  14. Version 4.3


    UPDATE 25 FEB 2015 - OPERATION SOVEREIGN SHIELD (U.S. Forces) V4.3 TESTED Start ObJ 1 & 2 Only * I fixed a few bugs with HAMMER gunship strike. * Updated the comms script a little. * Added some random play from the enemy. * Gave you better time to set up for the defense of capitol city. * And a few other improvements :) * I am still refining it but, its getting better and better. * I tested this scenario by test-playing it. This is a fairly complex scenario (any more complex and should just write a .dll on c++ for it). * First off, I want to thank TACBAT for his excellent work in making 'Angel's Bluff' for this scenario through his elevation map for this scenario. I want to give full credit and appreciation for his kind work that has enhanced this scenario so much. Thank you, TACBAT. ***If you are tired of going through the motor pool or roll out and then the town of Aladari every time you want to jump into the objectives then, this download is for you. Finally, as promised; you get to start at the north of Aladari with your units ready to cross. Just deploy the bridge that's already on point and cross over. You'll have to move though. Things are in motion. The insurgent army has made a first-strike surprise attack to take the capitol. As we speak, the National Army is holding the line but, their defenses of the capital are about to collapse. Our base must quickly mobilize and stop it. But, first, we must go through the town next door and deploy a bridge to head north. This town will involve urban warfare where sending your tanks just rolling in will prove a tragic mistake. You will need to use your troops along with armor to conduct a street-by-street sweep towards the north of town and cross over before the armored wave arrives to the capitol. The National Army has reinforcements rolling south to your area. You must hold the line until then and then assault Objective two afterwards. They always said that our army base was not strategically suited for the northern province and we relied on the National Army to secure it. However,under the circumstances, today, we are the last line of defense for the capitol and must repel the sudden wave while we prepare for a join-operation in OBJ 2. The insurgents picked up on our preparation and decided to hit us fast. Objective 2, is a brute-force assault to destroy and seize the insurgent H.Q. and decimate his stronghold. * Be careful in this scenario to not get caught in a 'fools rush in' tactic. Be careful on your advances and leapfrog your platoons to allow reloads. And if necessary fall back when necessary. Some backup is inbound, lets stay in shape for the big assault! *** YOU ARE TO: a_'The Bull In The China Shop' - Move through Aladari * Town of Aladari turned out to be friendly and our units moved in with no trouble. * Deploy and cross bridge and set up position at the planned battle positions. * You may have to deploy the bridge while under fire depending on how soon the town can be cleared before the invading army arrives. b_'Taking Angel's Bluff' - Objective 1 * Engage the enemy first wave strike on the capitol. Defend north and eastern fronts from possible advances. * ALPHA TEAM is in rout to join the fight from the northern province. Hold the line until they arrive. * Get your tailgate supply LOGPAC (Trigger 3) to rally point sierra while providing protection to begin prep of a joint-operation in scenario OBJ 2. * Once Objective 1 is secured, secure area and move into a pre-strike position at Angel's pass at the bridge. * Rotate platoons to the LOGPAC location at SIERRA and resupply your units. * Take final positions for the assault on Objective 2. c_'The Takedown' - Assault and destruction of insurgent stronghold/H.Q. - Objective 2 * Advance BRAVO TEAM forces east. ALPHA and HAMMER will join in as you move eastward. * Engage OPFOR as you advance. Engage at will. * Priority target: Take out any AA systems identified. * Once BRAVO is approaching Tanzani; The National Air Force will bomb the town after a U.S. SL-TLAM Tomahawk cruise missile strike. * Once airstike is finished, assault Tanzani and destroy/capture insurgent H.Q. * Call in U.N. forces (Trigger 12) to secure national border and set up U.N. buffer zone with neighboring army. Please forgive any bugs. I'll launch an update very soon. Time is short for me to work on this and I try to get them out to you to enjoy as I update them. I hope you enjoy! Marino (1-DRAGON)
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