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  1. I am trying to make this game work but the problem is in options display on window option you cannot pick any resolution as they are all dimmed if you pick full screen you can pick your native resolutions but when you click ok the screen just freezes and I have to sign out to exit the game
  2. 100% does not make any difference in the display option screen when full screen and the resolution are chosen and you hit ok the screen just freezes and if you press ctrl alt del for task manager it takes you back to the frozen display screen the only way to exit is to choose sing out when you enter ctrl alt del
  3. Hi my display monitor is 3840 x 2160 when im in display option and I try to set the game to full screen and I have to click to accepet game restart to take affect the option to click restart just freezes and im stuck on the screen and I cant do any thing but close the game ie control alt delete
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