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  1. Gibsom, Thanks, it's nice of you to offer. I will log on to teamspeak at 6pm Thai time today, hopefully we can find what's wrong. MDF, thanks for the advice, I guess closest SB hosts to me are in Australia. I'm using a time licensed for the time being so I guess it can't be the problem you mentioned, I had also deactivated my firewalls.
  2. Hello, Although I've owned steel beasts for a few months now this is my first post here. Last friday I tried for the first time to join a TIGF multiplayer session. I had downloaded teamspeak and got the IP and everything but when I entered it in my game, no session to join appeared at all. I was thus unable to join the game. I haave a 3.025 pro PE version (x64) so that wasn't the problem. I currently reside in a rural area in Thailand and don't have a broadband connection at my house. Instead I'm using mobile hotspot from a cellular phone with a download and upload speed of about 0.35Mbps (a
  3. 100 AFV per side would be nice if it's possible, and if a certain PC configuration would make it playable I would go for it. However I would already be happy with less if that's all I can get out of SB, not having played this simulation before I cannot be too specific. I definately want to be able to use large artillery components, as well as lots of infantry. Part of the reason I bought the sim is to get a better understanding of land warfare generally, as I only get that much from reading books and in my experience I learn something much more quickly when I'm actively en
  4. Thank you all for your input. SSnake, it's my understanding that the GTX 970 is roughly equivalent,or maybe even a little better than the GTX 780 (which is no longer on the market here in Thailand) so I should be alright with it right? or do you think there'll be a noticeable difference with the GTX 980? Buzpilot, I take note of your recomendations with the motherboard and processor as well, did you mean it as a general recomendation or does it mean you felt the motherboard or processor in the (cheapest I guess) article was underpowered? Marko, I think you made a good point, especially if they
  5. Hello, I recently found out about SB to which I was immediately drawn for many reasons. I have actually already bought the license for it. My old PC however is not up to the task of running it and I'm currently looking to buy a new computer. I intend to spend a lot of time on SB playing large WP scenarios with a lot of units so I'm basically looking at the best PC configuration to run SB at it's most demanding. I'm willing to pay the price (though I'd start to be painful past 1'600 dollars) for that but on the other hand, since I'm really only buying a new PC for this
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