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  1. If you learn just one other tank, it should be one of the Leopard II variants, because they are very popular in multiplayer and they are very similar to one another in operation.

    Yeah, seems to be good advice, thanks. I already have started the tutorials on the Swede variant as it is being used in the Finland campaign.

  2. Not sure where you are geographically but there is a "Friday" night get together called TGIF which is also multi player, often has M1 on one side or another and the people are friendly.

    List of "local" times:


    Thread devoted to it:


    If its convenient wherever you are - happy to have you ride with me.

    Thanks for the utility, it confirmed my rudimentary math of it being 6 in the morning on Saturday here in SPb, Russia. I actually plan on going to Finland tomorrow AM so I am unable to make it for that. But I thank you for the invite to ride with you, I'm sure I will take you up on it in the near future.

  3. Thanks for the info Grenny! The Finland campaign looks like fun I can't commit to taking part at this moment, but I think I will be able to take part, though I need to get a lot more sim time before then, or I might be more of a liability than asset. :bigsmile:

  4. Greetings!

    I am a former tanker (M1A1) after splitting 8 years between the broken TV and Chief Soju I got out in '05. I had purchased the original Steel Beasts at the PX years ago, wanted to pick up the PRO PE for a while but the CodeMeter thing kinda turned me off, but I recently noticed the limited time license so I just picked up a 4 month one.

    Being the bad ass tanker I once was I figured I needed no tutorials and during my first "Instant Action" I became incredibly frustrated with my inability to dump lead - I then humbly went through the tutorials for the M1A1...

    I want to eventually take part in multi-player, though probably not tonight (well morning my time, yes admins my IP address is indeed correct, I do in fact live in Saint Petersburg, Russia.) My main questions are: What utilities/files do I need to get that will make it possible for me to take part. The basic and obvious stuff I have already (Teamspeak client) just not sure if I need certain mods or mission files or something I don't even know about. I did search the forum, but I became a bit confused as results greatly varied in years so I was not sure if some data was current with 3.023.

    Another question would be, what tank(s) do I need to become familiar with? Other than an M1A1 I know next to nothing about operating other tanks.

    Basically I want to know how to make the best out of the next 4 months to decide if I should extend my license. I'm already impressed with the single player though, as with most milsims, I'm sure the strength is in organized multiplayer.

    Also, while I can't promise it will be timely due to real life, I don't know how many Russian speakers are on this forum, but if someone needs a translation of something - manual, book, video I'm willing to help.

    If this thread broke any forum etiquette, please accept my appology.

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