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  1. Hi Gibson Thanks for your reply and help. However, SB Pro PE 2.538 won't run off my license on CodeMeter because I only have SB Pro PE 3.0 and 4.0 licences. So not backward compatible. No worries. No need for me to go full hog retro. Regressing to 3.0 is fine with me and my antiquated laptop. I've just installed the version off my DVD jewel case which is SB Pro PE Version 3.025. Ah, good times! Cheers Frankie Kam
  2. I've got SB Pro PE 4.023 installed and running on my rig. I'm up for some retro SB Pro PE. How do I get SB Pro PE 2.538 to run on my rig? Buy the SB Pro PE 2.5 license from ... where? How much? My DeLorean is set to year 2010, LOL.
  3. > will contain a lot more than just the new terrain engine. We did a bit more in the last two years than to redesign the file handling. > Hi Ssnake. Pray tell, what is the "lot more" stuff which is apart from the file handling?
  4. Shades of Sergeant York. He would shoot the enemy starting from the back and work his way to the next forward enemy.
  5. Hi z. H. Nils H Many thanks for the eSimGames greeting card which I received today! I was taken by surprise... a nice surprise. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018 to you and your families too. Your actual family and the eSimGames family. And the Community family. Cheers Frankie Kam Malaysia
  6. It's expensive to maintain a car. How about a tank? And how about maintaining a whole bunch of tanks?
  7. SBL Fansite here. Just saying, not promoting. Cheers.
  8. Hi n3kkb. Use Internet Download Manager. It will install a large File with stop and resume even if your Internet connection breaks or is interrupted. Plus, it will always guarantee the integrity of the final downloaded file. Hope this helps. Frankie Kam.
  9. Post processing. Using a process to transform photos from what was captured in a camera either to be closer to what our eyes saw, or to alter the image artistically. http://improvephotography.com/31639/post-processing-photography/
  10. Thanks for sharing Ssnake. And KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  11. +1 What are the hallmarks and characteristics of a matured community? I''ll volunteer one answer. Mutual respect at all times (yes, yes, I know, respect has to be earned not demanded). Okay another one. No tearing down, but rather building up and encouraging each other. One more, last one: since one day, we are all going the way of our ancestors (back to dust), inclusion and acceptance of all human being, regardless of background, race, colour or creed.
  12. Finally(!) managed to download and install the 4.019 installer today. I welcome the 4.019 post processing feature as it makes the screen brighter compared to SB Pro PE 4.010. I do notice that the slider shifts between the two values of 0 and 1. In effect the slider acts more like an digital one/off toggle, instead of a slider with discrete segments. IMHO, it would have been better if the slider were to move horizontally in discrete segments - perhaps in 0.1 increments - provided, of course, that the post processing implements in corresponding increments of light intensity as well. That way the Post Processing effect will not be so pronounced if the slider could be shifted to, for example, the middle (0.5) position.
  13. Hi Gibsonm. Thanks for the advice and warning. I'm only using Reshade for single player and not for multiplayer. Sad to hear that cheating happens in games like chess and even SteelBeasts. Sucks the fun out of the game, especially when others are playing honestly and fairly. I haven't come across any feature or setting in Reshade that will selectively color the enemy's tank hot pink or some other stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb unnatural colour, whilst leaving the other vehicles and environment untouched. Reshade paints the entire screen with the same brush. E.g. if I choose Sepia, the entire output becomes Sepia-fied. Come to think of it, hypothetically speaking, if I had a virtual death wish and used a mod to color my vehicle "Manfred von Richthofen Red Baron" red, that wouldn't be considered cheating - would it? Is committing virtual suicide cheating?
  14. Kraze, strange that your Reshade gets blocked. Like thewood said, reshade runs fine with Steel Beasts Pro PE. I am using SB Pro PE 4.010 and I can change the colors by using the ReShade software injector method.
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