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  1. Kudos to eSimGames' programmers. Someone buy them beer.
  2. Mine came in this morning. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  3. I received my package this afternoon. I am one happy man. Thanks eSimGames! And thanks for the (hush! it's a mystery gift) which will remind me of Steel Beasts everyday. Maps installed. Steel Beasts 4.156 and 4.157 update installed. Check. Codemeter license updated. Check. Let the games begin.
  4. Still waiting for my package. Good things come to those who wait.
  5. @Gibsonm. Yesterday my colleague called me on the phone when I was out of office. "Frankie, there's a package here for you". "Really!?? Yes, yes! Does it say eSimGames or something on the packaging...?" "I don't know, but the man says he has to collect something from you..." "Huh, whaat?" "Something about a laptop lock" "Oh.....yeah, yeah, the laptop lock's in the other room. Do pass it to him (sigh)." Turns out that it wasn't quite the package I was EARGERLY expecting.....nevertheless, good things come to those who wait.
  6. Hi I'm from Malaysia. I can expect the Pre-Order Bundle with Manual, USB Map Stick and Mystery Gift to arrive in this neck of the woods no earlier than August 4th 2019, yeah?
  7. Can't wait for my thumbdrive with preloaded map data to arrive at my office. "What that package?" (Boss) "That? Oh it's a Cloud-based and client-based solution for my multi-tasking simulation needs" (me) "Can you explain the 'games' part of where it says 'eSimGames'?" (Boss) "Erm..... okay, it's a multi-crew military leadership simulation featuring tanks and other military vehicles....and it will help me to test my design and decision-making skills and it will give me an opportunity to test our medium-end and top-end laptops ...after office hours of course, heh" (me) "Carry on" (Boss) "Phew" (Me)
  8. "Habemus candidatus emittandus"? Good thing the release notes won't be in Latin, because I'd be clueless as to its meaning if it were. Just kidding. Keep up the good work eSimGames. Kick them tires good. I'm counting on you.
  9. Hi Chopper8237 If you still enjoy a trip down nostalgia lane with Steel Beasts Legacy/Gold, then do drop by my Tribute website at http://www.moodurian.com/sb/portal/intro/index.html I compiled over 40 reviews of Steel Beasts Gold from all over the Internet. In 25 years from now, I'll be doing a tribute website for Steelbeasts Pro PE 4.1. See ya Frankie Kam
  10. Well that's it. After much soul-searching i've gone ahead with the $53 bundle instead of the $25 option with self-downloading of map data and PDF tablet viewing. I've been assimilated. The printed manual cover and mystery gift did it for me. Now I'll have to strike off the list the other things I wanted to buy if I didn't give in to the Piper's flute tune. That's the problem with online credit card payment. It's just too easy to click the Submit button. I blame e-Commerce. Anyway, I am eagerly looking forward to receiving the package at my workplace. I didn't put my home address because .... never mind. Imagine. All my virtual tanking needs inside that package.
  11. I managed to make payment for the 4.1 Bundle. I'm so weak. Nein! Yah! Nein! Yah! I succumbed.
  12. Still getting "Error: Invalid Required domain" from https://payflowlink.paypal.com. Perhaps it was not meant to be. SteelBeasts Pro PE 4.01 for me then with my "Upgrade license SB Pro PE 4.0 for CodeMeter stick" received on February 2017. With that I shall be content.
  13. Hi Rota If I buy the USD25 upgrade but choose not to download any of the online maps due to low broadband speeds in my neck of the woods, but instead.just use 4.1's installation default maps, that should be okay to run the simulation right? It would just mean that I would be missing out on the high definition terrain and not be able to join the multi-player sessions where everyone else is using the downloaded maps, right? Cheers Frankie
  14. Hi Gibson Thanks for your reply and help. However, SB Pro PE 2.538 won't run off my license on CodeMeter because I only have SB Pro PE 3.0 and 4.0 licences. So not backward compatible. No worries. No need for me to go full hog retro. Regressing to 3.0 is fine with me and my antiquated laptop. I've just installed the version off my DVD jewel case which is SB Pro PE Version 3.025. Ah, good times! Cheers Frankie Kam
  15. I've got SB Pro PE 4.023 installed and running on my rig. I'm up for some retro SB Pro PE. How do I get SB Pro PE 2.538 to run on my rig? Buy the SB Pro PE 2.5 license from ... where? How much? My DeLorean is set to year 2010, LOL.
  16. > will contain a lot more than just the new terrain engine. We did a bit more in the last two years than to redesign the file handling. > Hi Ssnake. Pray tell, what is the "lot more" stuff which is apart from the file handling?
  17. Shades of Sergeant York. He would shoot the enemy starting from the back and work his way to the next forward enemy.
  18. Hi z. H. Nils H Many thanks for the eSimGames greeting card which I received today! I was taken by surprise... a nice surprise. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018 to you and your families too. Your actual family and the eSimGames family. And the Community family. Cheers Frankie Kam Malaysia
  19. It's expensive to maintain a car. How about a tank? And how about maintaining a whole bunch of tanks?
  20. SBL Fansite here. Just saying, not promoting. Cheers.
  21. Hi n3kkb. Use Internet Download Manager. It will install a large File with stop and resume even if your Internet connection breaks or is interrupted. Plus, it will always guarantee the integrity of the final downloaded file. Hope this helps. Frankie Kam.
  22. Post processing. Using a process to transform photos from what was captured in a camera either to be closer to what our eyes saw, or to alter the image artistically. http://improvephotography.com/31639/post-processing-photography/
  23. Thanks for sharing Ssnake. And KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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