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  1. Thank you both for help! We managed to get it working by a total coincidence. The website I linked below (that I was planning to use to find out if I forwarded my ports correctly) claimed I had a totally different IP from the one I got by typing "ipconfig" in the Command Prompt. As me and my frined were both pretty desperate to play we gave it "the last try". I hosted and he connected as a client using that IP - and it worked! BTW, the website said my ports were actually NOT forwarded so I guess it's not obligatory anymore.. Thanks again for assistance and perhaps our example can help others who struggle with multiplayer connections. THE WEBSITE THAT SAVED THE EVENING ---> http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ Thanks!
  2. Hi, Me and my friend are trying to play SB together in a Network Session but struggle to set up our connections. Could anybody help us? We live in different countries and behind different routers. If you can please, answer the following questions: 1. Is it possible to connect and play together without external, 3rd party software such as Hamachi or All Seeing Eye? 2. What Local IP Address should we have set up in our in-game Options: (all available IPv4 only)? 3. Do we both need to forward TCP/UDP 2300 - 2400 & UDP 47624 ports? This is pretty much all that we can think of. It's difficult to find anything on the internet as SB is a very niche simulation. Please, help!
  3. Czesc, Zastanawiam sie czy sa tu jakies polskie grupy aktywnie grajace w Steel Beasts? Pozdrawiam! ======================================================== Hi, I was wondering if there were any Polish groups around that actively play Steel Beasts? Thanks!
  4. Yes! 7 - M1A2 SEP v3 2 - Leopard 2A7+ 1 - Merkava IVM Thanks!
  5. Thank you Sir! Your post is very informative. I'm looking forward to future upgrades to this great Sim.
  6. Hahaha.. Very good! It made me laugh. Thank you all for your answers - I guess all we need to do is get a billionaire to purchase this sim (Pro PE only) and start a Kickstarter for it!
  7. Gentlemen, Please, don't flame me if you consider the question below blasphemy... *** Is there ANY chance/plan/hope for this SIMULATION to receive a new graphics engine? *** I am not an arcade player and I cannot praise the depth and realism of Steel Beasts enough but I can't help but notice how the mainstream tank games start to look like nowadays. Tanking has never been prettier with titles such as War Thunder, Armored Warfare and the constantly upgraded World of Tanks. Despite the fact that even mentioning them here is a dishonour they do show what modern PCs can generate. Shading, HDR lighting, smoke and particle effects, not to mention working suspension and the ground mesh reacting to tracks (not only with track texture marks but with actual 3D ruts!). I am aware of how this SIM started and that the Pro PE is just an add-on the the main military version but couldn't Steel Beasts venture in the footsteps of the very highly advanced flying simulations created military and commercial pilots that offer beautiful and BELIEVABLE graphics? Of course, this will never be a Community-driven project but perhaps you heard some rumours or statements in this regard that could give me a bit of hope.. What do you think? Regards - Belphe
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