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  1. Hello Kingtiger, Yesterday I was already think to jump to F41-43! I had a look at the weapon system in SB yesterday! Don't trust me to lead it alone!
  2. Thank you! That was the problem! I had forgotten that I had set the level to high!
  3. Question! When I last time seat in the Marder, I had a range scale as a gunner! That was in December! With the update to 4.162 this has disappeared! Why?
  4. Hello Gibsonm The smiley has nothing to say! (No meaning!) Unfortunately I can not tell you a day if I have time! (For example, I had to bring my grandchild back to Kiel on Saturday evening because she didn't want to sleep with us!) ++I personally think it's very good that you try to organize a few games! Thanks for that!++
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