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  1. Good morning Chris! If you want you can ride in my vehicle! Or you take my vehicle! and I the infantry! Get in touch if there is interest! I have send a PM to you and Nike-Ajax but the massage have no send? I see your tonight?
  2. I would love to play the M113! But: I cannot command a leading vehicle! I lack experience! And my english is not good! (I'll wait and see who comes !? I hope Dboy or SnS or Wiglif ....)
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. Thanks! But I have the link! Problem is I can not find this Folder (SB Pro Maps Download Manager ) on my PC! So I not renamed to the Map Package Transfer Manager! Is this a File or Folder?
  5. A question about installation! There it says: SB Pro Maps Download Manager - now renamed to the Map Package Transfer Manager Where can I find this -SB Pro Maps Download Manager-? Or is it maybe called -Steel Beasts Map Tools-?
  6. If Grenny stays in C2 I want to go to C22! thank you
  7. I have to cancel our appointment tonight! Something has come up! Sorry!
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