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  1. I'll be available for you in about 2 weeks!
  2. 2000 local ( Berlin) time is minus 2 hours! Is 18:00 UTC or 1800z time! (in the summertime +2h! in the wintertime +1h! Local time!!UTC does not change!)
  3. Puh, I only have time for that in 1 weeks! Thanks CavGunner!
  4. Question: Do I have to completely delete Steel Beast 4.363 and reinstall V 4.377?
  5. Mistakes I made: I forgot setup in SB menu from full screen to window full screen!+++ Your setting works now, the Win11 frame has disappeared! Now I can jump from one monitor to another with the mouse! I have to test this in multiplay now!+++ Before SB is frozen in multiplay! When I jumped back to the game from Teamspeek! (I was there in full screen, not in Win11 mode)!+++ Thanks
  6. There's this line below! What do I have to specify there for a resolution of 1920x1080x32? Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer and I'm overwhelmed! Sorry! Thanks for your help! --fullscreenwindow [=arg(=true)] (=false)
  7. Thanks! not work? Please look below! Thanks
  8. How do I turn off the win 11 frame in the game? Please see photo! I think in win 10 it was ALT and Enter! Borderless Gaming App Doesn't work with SP!
  9. If it's OK I'd like to come in 10-15 minutes later! I can't make it sooner!
  10. Thanks! Was a small help! I'll give you an info tomorrow!
  11. Is there a manual for RWS LEMUR? After reloading I couldn't shoot and move the gun! Thanks for the help!
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