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  1. Question about: Dynamic Cache Size! What does the? Isn't 0 better or 100?
  2. Found a mistake! I was too close to the target! Thanks for your help!
  3. Yes, I built something myself! But the MLRS don't want to shoot! I get the message: AB0001 (Waiting for approval) ??
  4. Does anyone have or knows a scene with artillery? Where I can make practice training and that is not password protected!
  5. Thanks! It works now! The problem was probably the double assignment of the keys F7, F9, and F12! I think with the mouse the picture is calmer and better!
  6. When I start the driver for TrackIR, I can no longer use the F7 key! This has no function anymore !? And the TrackIR still doesn't work! I can't find anything about the TrackIR in the SB manual!
  7. 2 questions! Sunday ok! And what time? (1900?) Do the normal KANIUM games take place on Sunday too?
  8. How do I set up a TRACKIR in SB? Will this work?
  9. Sorry I do not understand? How should that work? Maybe I'm in !?
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