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  1. I'll take the Marder! >Bravo 1 - Marder 1A3< !! Try to get in at 20:00! That I can do that is 50:50 chance! (Or as a reserve!) Thanks!
  2. Question: What anti-tank weapons do the infantry have in the M113 A3?
  3. If I get into the M113 A3 vehicle, everything is fine! I can aim and shoot! When I reload the SMG, I have trouble aiming the SMG! (I had no problems before reloading) I just can't aim anymore ?? !! Can someone help? Wenn ich in das Fahrzeug M113 A3 gehe ist alles gut! Ich kann zielen und schie├čen! Wenn ich das SMG nachlade, habe ich Probleme mit dem SMG zu zielen! (Vor dem nachladen hatte ich keine Probleme) Ich kann einfach nicht mehr zielen??!! Kann jemand helfen? Thanks
  4. If you still have a free place then I would like to play in B1-KT or B2-Snoggy! I haven't played for a long time, I probably need help!
  5. Thanks! Work! I see you soon!
  6. Hello! Question has the attitude changed in our TS Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 ? Please see link! I can't do anything there? https://docs.google.com/document/d/14oDdWYFaKK3JR4gnWb8wy5OfsUwPCZsNwfvOVq5QP-g/edit I'm currently checking everything! SB V4.167 is OK! Mappack 2.0 is ok! Only TS I have problems! Regards to all OSchmidt
  7. Good morning Chris! If you want you can ride in my vehicle! Or you take my vehicle! and I the infantry! Get in touch if there is interest! I have send a PM to you and Nike-Ajax but the massage have no send? I see your tonight?
  8. I would love to play the M113! But: I cannot command a leading vehicle! I lack experience! And my english is not good! (I'll wait and see who comes !? I hope Dboy or SnS or Wiglif ....)
  9. Thanks! But I have the link! Problem is I can not find this Folder (SB Pro Maps Download Manager ) on my PC! So I not renamed to the Map Package Transfer Manager! Is this a File or Folder?
  10. A question about installation! There it says: SB Pro Maps Download Manager - now renamed to the Map Package Transfer Manager Where can I find this -SB Pro Maps Download Manager-? Or is it maybe called -Steel Beasts Map Tools-?
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