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  1. My headphones have arrived! Looks like it all works! I can also do the driver !! See you tomorrow
  2. Hallo Grenny Danke! Ich melde mich wenn der Kopfhörer bei mir eingetroffen ist! Hello Grenny Thanks! I will contact you when the headphones arrive!
  3. I give info when I have the headphones! The parcel carrier works very slowly these days!
  4. Hi there! Can you take me as a reserve for a CV90 vehicle? I have to order new headphones! My old one is broken! I hope it will be there until Sunday!
  5. I now have my internet update! I hope this is going well !? +++ Please C-42 +++Thanks!
  6. Thanks for you help! Danke für eure Hilfe!
  7. What is the minimum network requirement for a multiplay? This is what I have! Is this ok?
  8. M2A2 practice for Sunday !! Question is why can't i shoot the cannon empty? There are 26 shots left? M791 APDS-T H70 / 180 after that shoot M791 APDS-T H26 / 180 I can't shoot the cannon empty !? Why?
  9. The game was playable for me about 5 minutes! After that nothing went at all! Its was lag and crazy desync! Sorry!
  10. For me it is important that I can download maps! And it works!
  11. Have found that as soon as I close the program incorrectly, I can no longer start it! If I close it with the red hexagon X, everything is OK! If I close it with the X, I can no longer start it!
  12. After deleting the File PackageDownloadManagerMutex, the file works again! Thank you!
  13. The SB Pro Map Tools V19 shows me this error! I don't understand what that is supposed to be! How can I solve the problem?
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