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  1. Hello Kingtiger, Yesterday I was already think to jump to F41-43! I had a look at the weapon system in SB yesterday! Don't trust me to lead it alone!
  2. Thank you! That was the problem! I had forgotten that I had set the level to high!
  3. Question! When I last time seat in the Marder, I had a range scale as a gunner! That was in December! With the update to 4.162 this has disappeared! Why?
  4. Hello Gibsonm The smiley has nothing to say! (No meaning!) Unfortunately I can not tell you a day if I have time! (For example, I had to bring my grandchild back to Kiel on Saturday evening because she didn't want to sleep with us!) ++I personally think it's very good that you try to organize a few games! Thanks for that!++
  5. Do I have to load extra maps for BG Anzac and TGIF Battle? And which TS server is that? (Please answer shot that is better for me to understand!)
  6. Thank you for answering! I think that means Ping 63? No idea if that's good! We have on Saturday, DBoy has hosting 4 players! There were no problems there! In any case, I continue to play and try my luck! We are fighters!
  7. I also found the mission very interesting! Unfortunately I had server problems? What I do not understand!
  8. Test Now work the Forum!??? Yesterday was not, everything else went well!
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