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  1. Question? Are even small round SPs played during the week? I have interest!
  2. Hello, DBoy I thought that's the right forum! Thanks for the hint.
  3. Hello Gibsonm Unfortunately not my time zone! I have to work at this time! (Maybe in 10 months!) Thanks for the answer.
  4. Question? Are even small round SPs played during the week? I have interest!
  5. Oh! I forgot to say the color! Sorry! White please white! White B4 pleace!
  6. Please vehicle BEAST 24! (with PIRANHA DF 90 I hit nothing!) Or if you decide otherwise please contact me! Thanks
  7. Question! Is there any description how to operate this PIRANHA DF 30? I have not found anything in the SB directory!
  8. I wanted say thank you for playing! Unfortunately, I could not stay for debriefing! My day starts very early! I found our simulation very interesting!
  9. Important! I do not have much experience with SB! I do what you divide me! I also have no idea if I get an online connection to you! I think you have to adjust what in the router!? We'll find out Sunday! Maps are installed!
  10. Hi A few questions! 1) What prerequisites do I have to bring with me to participate? 2) What should I lead? a vehicle or a Platoon? 3) Approximately How long does a game take? Thanks for your help!
  11. The Problem was the Anti Virus Software!:men_ani: Thanks for help O.Schmidt
  12. I can not download the file SBProPE3_025.part1.exe! The Downloading process runs! and at the end I get the message! Unable to download! The other parts SBProPE3_025.part2.exe to SBProPE3_025.part5.exe made no problem with downloading! I've also written esimgames.com! but from there comes no help !? O.Schmidt
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