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  1. 3 minutes ago, Marko said:

    More PLA stuff would be good.

    A lot of there earlier model T types are direct copies of soviet tanks.

    They did fit a 105mm gun on the type 85 i think it was.

    I spoke to a guy in bovington who evaluated one while in military service and reckons it was the dogs bollocks his words not mine.

    He was a member of the Museum staff so i had no reason to disbelieve him. 



    Type-59 same as soviet T-54A, Type-59-I and Type-59-II with laser rangefinders ,modern observatory and night visions equipments.

  2. Thank you Duke for real map " Dien Bien Phu".  It will definitely be useful.


     In my opinion the creation of such a scenario is impossible in SB.  There is no paratroopers, howitzers, M24 Chaffee and of course Napalm.  It will  be not accurately ( historically, equipment)

  3. I played a few scenarios using the M60A3 tank. After the last update is fine, AI loader will stop turning off stabilization to load the gun if the vehicle is moving at slow speed.


    Like Wiki say:


    "The M60A3's stabilization system allows the tank to effectively engage point and area targets at speeds between 16 an 34 kilometers per hour (10 to 20 mph)"

    "When firing on the move, if the vehicle is traveling faster than 20 kph ["slow" speed on a route] then the loader will disable the stabilization system while loading the gun. Once the gun is loaded, the gunner can re-enable stabilization by pressing the V key (simulating flipping the STAB switch on the Control Selector Assembly to ON)"

  4. Gentlemen, maybe manual will help,



    The loader's emergency stabilization shutoff switch is similar to the commander's shutoff switch. It allows the loader to turn off the main gun stabilization system. The switch is normal ly used when servicing the machine gun or during the loading operation when the tank is moving and the stabilization system is operating. During stabilization system operation, the main gun remains relatively on target regardless of vehicle motion, which creates hazardous gun mo tion when servicing the machine gun or main gun. Depressing the switch places the turret hydraulic system in the normal power mode and puts the stabilization system on standby. Stabilization system operation must be restored by the gunner.

    from Organizational maintenance manual : tank, combat, full tracked : 105-mm gun, M60A3 (2350-00-148-6548) and (2350-01-061-2306) TTS turret  Site 239.



  5. 20 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

     for fear of the game 'turning into call of duty'

    I know that, this is tool, simulator. To Call of duty  is certainly far. There is a lot of animation and attachments to weapons like silencers, flashlights, several types of sights etc.

    Here, such things are unnecessary.. Add to a wish list, and maybe one day come true. Then say Bye bye OFP/ Arma CWA/ Arma 2.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    ...and thats exactly why it will never be in SB. 

    I think it is possible, same like HMG and LMG teams have accesses to the weapon sights.

    Those machine guns sights are also similar, simpler but they haven't recoil animation like OFP.

  7. Hi


    This is from tutorial's briefing:


    "The laser in the M1's LRF can burn out if you overuse it, so be careful!
    To be safe, never fire more than four pulses in an 80-second period. Don't hold
    the lase button down for a long time. If you see a green F next to the range
    numbers in the GPS and the red reticle disappears, you have burned out the LRF"






  8. 20 minutes ago, Grenny said:

    Don't know, in my time every march under combat(training) conditions was "light setting 0".

    Lights on is a peace time road safety thing, and as SB is a combat simulation....

    I know, is vehicle centric combat simulator but SB have much more potential for scenarios with civilians. They used lights;) This isn't really necessery.


  9. I also will add to the wishlist:


    Working Headlights, TailLights, IR halogens. Leopard 1A2/ AS1, have a infrared/white searchlight ( XSW30 ), Chieftein Mk5, T-xx series etc.


    Order from tank commander/ platoon commander like " Stay Concealed" . When Concealed active crews shut down IR lamp and other lights. They are ready to ambush.


    Modeled IR lamp switch for manual control.


    I hope it will be not difficult to implemented in next future upgrade ?

  10. 1 hour ago, Skybird03 said:

    If you ever consider to push SBP to higher DirX, please leave people the choice: do not go for Win10-only DirX12, but stick with DirX11. I am far from being alone with my anger and scepticism about Microsoft.


    Now the alternative is Vulkan API .Better distribute work amongst multiple CPU cores. Supported old MS system like Windows 7, 8.1 and other Linux distros. Graphic cards GTX6XXX and up or Radeon 7XXXX series and up.

    It may be in the future worthy of consideration.  Just a lot of work and time to translate from DirectX to another API.



    Sorry for offtop.


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