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  1. I have to bow out from today's session, just found out I'm on a course on Monday and I gotta get sorted
  2. Better not drop the ball then, you'll have no excuse
  3. Haha, I had a buddy who served in the British Army and his TC called him that during a range day. The TC's $200 thermos ended up in the gun spout to fill in for a SABOT dart. That is revenge.
  4. I agree with deep fording and operational planning, but preparing a Leopard 2A4, 2A4M, 2A6M CAN tanks for fording up to the top of the turret is extremely simple and only requires the placing of 3 plugs, the flick of 2 switches, a small hand pump and your ready to go (that is where my 2-5 min figure comes from, as I've done it with a crew timed). I am just curious because all that would be required to implement it would be a key combo if possible. Also, from a lot of the SB sces I have played, often players just look for a spot on the terrain where two fingers of land allow for a quick crossing of a river. Implementing a shallow fording (up to and not above the turret) ability would make it a bit for realistic IMO.
  5. Is there any way possible in a future update to add a fording feature of any armoured vehicles that have quick fording capabilities? An example would be the Leopard 2 series with their ability to ford water up to the top of the turret within minimum preparation. (2-5 mins prep time). P.S. I apologize if this has been brought up in this thread before
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