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  1. Hasty Defense 01-b certainly is a great scenario! Checking the AAR I noticed this hit on the FistV which looks a bit odd but no damage anyway, so no foul.
  2. Thanks Lt Default for confirmation. Yes, I get it now, AAR is more than half the experience. Acknowledged Ssnake, but I still fear that the first time I hit that mission editor button my existence will be siphoned into simulated reality and I shall never be seen in the physical world again...
  3. Seconded with Lt Default. I did enjoy this breakdown of the mission even though I did not participate. I think I got a lot from this analysis, so thank you indeed. I think my plans now will include a lot more thought towards use of reources for recconing.
  4. Query on the scenario "meeting engagement - winter" included in 3.025. I have immensely enjoyed this scenario as it is teaching me to move units quickly in a changing situation. And it is only 30mins to complete so I have run this several times analysing the results in aar. But I struggle to understand the scoring. I have scored exactly 800/1000every time. In one play I was completley overrun after being weakened by enemy arty. In another I moved the units well and finished with 47 kill and only 7 losses, and got 2 tanks to the bridge objective (3 marders and troops were following but were a couple of hundred meters short of the bridge). I suspect I need more units at the objective and possibly for longer time? I know this is a simulation and I really dont care if this is the way it is, but any enlightening input would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Haferja, This is from the same scenario I run through the other night actually. I think this may show what has been suggested about using the folds in the ground. In the first image you see a hull down position which faces west across that open expanse after line Bert. The second image is from the enemy viewpoint, which I had identified scouting across the low ground at the entry to the area. The third shot is the same viewpoint but zoomed up to show the turrets from the first picture position and the second group of M1 bounding across the channel in the expanse area to the next cover position. As at time the main enemy position is occupied with those two turrets. I am beginner too, so not sure if this is a good example of travelling overwatch, but I did complete the mission. I did the same as you the first time and tried the hills.
  6. BIG thankyou to BG ANZACS. They are so patient and helpful. I think this was a great introduction to the online multiplayer scene. I had the opportunity to observe across a large scenario and begin to digest what is involved. As a new player I have seen a whole new perspective to Steel Beasts. The complexity is vast and the action is dynamic.
  7. Thankyou for all the welcomes. Thankyou to Lt Default for the scenario suggestions and to Gibsonm for the time to create the guides. I have more reading to do now. :luxhello: Thankyou also to all the members who take the time to post videos. I have watched several TGIF from Rotareneg so far.
  8. Hello. Would like to introduce myself. Firstly, I am not a seasoned gamer. I remember being immersed for weekends on the old M1 Tank Platoon on a 386, but back then noone I knew even looked twice at computers so I was out of step. Well, nowadays it seems because I dont stare at a Pc, laptop, tablet, or mobile for half the day I am out of step once again. So I decided I should indulge and allocate some time for the only tactical simulation worthy. I have tried the original steel beasts demo many years ago and have finally purchased a year license now. Thankyou to Esim for introducing the monthly license as this gave me the confidence to trial on my very basic laptop. As it turns out I can get good frame rates with the right settings. For the last month trial I have been playing the included tutorials and several individual scenarios. Now I am addicted. So I hope you do not mind a few newbie questions as needed. I would like to join some multiplayer sessions once I have completed some more training. Any suggestions for scenarios to download would be appreciated. I would especially like to thank the contributors to this forum as it has been such a helpful knowledge base already.
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