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  1. Hi Deja, I was wondering if it was possible to post the template for the the Hemmts, the Ural, and the FIST-V on your templates page? Thanks in advance Elf
  2. Version 2.1


    Single Player to 2 online
  3. Version 2.1


    4-8 players
  4. Version 1.0


    50x50km Full coverage terrain map with theme
  5. I didnt know your dad was Dwight Yoakam, Panther! Just kidding dude! Killer pics...
  6. hole-in-one> Did ya check there Topkick?
  7. String Theory> String Cheese
  8. transition> IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTSSS>............................(music)
  9. Nimitz class> Abe Lincoln has everything but a brothel...(well? maybe that too)
  10. Ok let me take off my boots and socks first> Oh Jessica............????Where are you????
  11. Jihad> Those guys need video games, send em X-boxes
  12. Ashtray> Iraqi Liberation turns to ashes in our mouth
  13. Cougar> First and only car I Beat in a drag race
  14. Dont cut it> "Ah Jezez its Hoob, he shot himself!!!...............What'd he think it was a German leg?"
  15. The right stuff> you aint got it yet, TH, sorry
  16. Some kind of spasm> What I get facing Scud or Stumpy in TGIF
  17. Grand Poo bah gone bad> Saddam
  18. Abrams down in Iraq> Thank you UN, for your stellar record of quick decisive action
  19. A mark, a yen, abuck, a pound...> depend on the skill of the men with the rounds....
  20. Russian>"Ivan sure does build 'em pretty"
  21. Women> why dont they like tanks?
  22. Get ther firstest with the mostest> Anna Nicoles ample Bosom
  23. Send in the clones>Goerge Lucas being a baby about his movies
  24. Sauerkraut and Beer > The Embarcadero hot dog stand (Ferry Bldg San Francisco) and Gigantic Polish dog with S'kraut, oh man, made by an Arab guy from NY., HUA?
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