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  1. Haha! Hilarious, I think #3 is the best one. Maybe some of you will enjoy this song as well:
  2. Maybe its this video although the quality is very low. I couldn't say whether this is really a T-90:
  3. Reminds me somehow of a Tarantino movie:
  4. Happy new year to the whole Steel Beasts community!:drink:
  5. Oh ok.:redface: I thought so too in the beginning because it looked too much futuristic but then more and more pictures of this certain vehicle appeared and so I thought this was real. Also I thought that the 30mm cannon was a little bit too much but then I remembered that there is a BMP-3. I guess rumours spread fast - especially on the internet. Sorry that I contributed to this.
  6. I mean this tank: Are you sure this was meant to be a fire support vehicle?
  7. I absolutely agree with Marko. Furthermore I saw on the earlier pics that the Armata was planned to have impressive secondary armament: a 30mm auto-cannon on one side of the turret and a 7,62mm chaingun on the other. Obviously they rejected those plans. I also read that the chainguns main purpose would have been to intercept incoming ATGMs. I think the source on that was not very trustworthy and I am also a complete layman but nonentheless I am wondering wether this would be possible. :confused:
  8. It has always high priority to disrupt enemy communications.:clin: [ATTACH]13807[/ATTACH]
  9. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I was already wondering about a drop in time acceleration on some occasions. And I am sorry for abusing the editor for my superficial needs.:-D
  10. Thanks for your answers guys! Although I am afraid that (as you all have mentioned above) the solution with the editor is somewhat less than perfect. Nonetheless I played a few scenarios via the editor and it reinforced my own view. I find it very enjoyable when I can drive my tanks into battle with 6x speed even though an enemy BRDM and a squad of my infantry are eyeballing each other 5 miles away :eek2:.
  11. Additionally to F12 I would like to have the ability to accelerate time at my own risk. So a F12 that is available even when you have spotted the enemy or vice versa. Best regards!
  12. Thank you very much. This helped me a lot. I think this could work now:https://www.dropbox.com/s/4f8adh114uyzkd8/Deliberate%20Assault%2001_040115REINI2224.rar?dl=0. But I am studying these BB-Codes too.:c: Thanks again!
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