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  1. Haha! Hilarious, I think #3 is the best one. Maybe some of you will enjoy this song as well:
  2. Maybe its this video although the quality is very low. I couldn't say whether this is really a T-90:
  3. Reminds me somehow of a Tarantino movie:
  4. Happy new year to the whole Steel Beasts community!:drink:
  5. Oh ok.:redface: I thought so too in the beginning because it looked too much futuristic but then more and more pictures of this certain vehicle appeared and so I thought this was real. Also I thought that the 30mm cannon was a little bit too much but then I remembered that there is a BMP-3. I guess rumours spread fast - especially on the internet. Sorry that I contributed to this.
  6. I mean this tank: Are you sure this was meant to be a fire support vehicle?
  7. I absolutely agree with Marko. Furthermore I saw on the earlier pics that the Armata was planned to have impressive secondary armament: a 30mm auto-cannon on one side of the turret and a 7,62mm chaingun on the other. Obviously they rejected those plans. I also read that the chainguns main purpose would have been to intercept incoming ATGMs. I think the source on that was not very trustworthy and I am also a complete layman but nonentheless I am wondering wether this would be possible. :confused:
  8. It has always high priority to disrupt enemy communications.:clin: [ATTACH]13807[/ATTACH]
  9. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I was already wondering about a drop in time acceleration on some occasions. And I am sorry for abusing the editor for my superficial needs.:-D
  10. Thanks for your answers guys! Although I am afraid that (as you all have mentioned above) the solution with the editor is somewhat less than perfect. Nonetheless I played a few scenarios via the editor and it reinforced my own view. I find it very enjoyable when I can drive my tanks into battle with 6x speed even though an enemy BRDM and a squad of my infantry are eyeballing each other 5 miles away :eek2:.
  11. Additionally to F12 I would like to have the ability to accelerate time at my own risk. So a F12 that is available even when you have spotted the enemy or vice versa. Best regards!
  12. Thank you very much. This helped me a lot. I think this could work now:https://www.dropbox.com/s/4f8adh114uyzkd8/Deliberate%20Assault%2001_040115REINI2224.rar?dl=0. But I am studying these BB-Codes too.:c: Thanks again!
  13. I am afraid that is a very dumb question but I have read your post Lt DeFault and you uploaded your AAR. I also saved mine so now I have the question how to upload files here. Sorry I am a noob in the forums.:frown: Thanks in advance! Edit: So I packed the aar. file in a rar. file But it is still too big (18.8Mb). Is there a way to shrink the file any further?
  14. I played this scenario yesterday and it worked out pretty well but I think this was due to pure luck. :bigsmile: Here is what I noticed: So the first part with breaching the minefield and arriving at PL Knife went without Problems. Altough one tank of 1/A was immobilized because of HE arty. After that your tanks will make a stop and wait for you to trigger their advance to the assault position. I used that halt to let them reload their rounds and I made sure that every single tank of 1/A and 3/A has Sabots loaded. Then I gave the order to advance. I changed the speed of 1/A and 3/A from fast to slow because in my experience the AI tends to be blind as a mole. They cant spot the bright-glowing, dug-in t-72s dead ahead in obj viking. As a result they drive too far and expose their weak lower glacis plate and the drivers hatch. But now they have more time to react and will not be as vulnerable. In this phase 3/A lost one tank because they are moving in echelon left formation :confused:. I recommend changing that to wedge or line because there are no signs of the enemy breaking through the forest on the left. IMHO it is crucial here to keep 1/A and 3/A in one line because they do a pretty decent job covering each other. So they arrived at the assault position. Here again I used the stop to reload and ordered every single tank to load sabot. This halt has a positive side effect because while your tanks are reloading a whole bunch of T-72s arrive from the NE (AA02). But they drive straight into an ambush from supporting 1/B in the east.:gun: The next phase was the attack on obj viking. This went without problems because there was not much resistance left. Again I tried to keep 1/A and 3/A move as simultaneously and slow as possible. In obj viking i kept 3/A on overwatch while 1/A advanced to their BP. Then 1/A provides cover for 3/A to reach their BP and now the real battle begins ...:clin: Now the red tide sets in along AA01: T-72s and BMPs stream down the road from the NW towards your position. I didn't expect what happened next because I lost not a single tank in this engagement. Only one was immobilized. So I have to admit that I was damned lucky in this situation. Finally as the time ran out there were only a few troops and BMPs left who didn't dare to advance any further. Concluding I have to say that this is not a scenario that can be won from the gunners seat. Most of the time I stayed in the Co or Xo tank and left the dirty work to 1/A and 3/A :clin:. I had enough to do to coordinate their movements so I tried to remain always a little behind the main attacking force. Furthermore I ordered not a single arty strike during the whole scenario. Mostly because I forgot about it in the heat of the moment :c:. On the other hand I think you will have a hard time hitting something because almost every enemy vehicle is moving in this scenario. Thanks if you were brave enough to read this novel! Best regards
  15. Haha I have nothing against infantry concealment. :clin: And I am aware that especially the "blind elephants" scenarios were designed to show the weaknesses of tanks in wooded areas where the infantry is much more flexible. But it is hard to describe (sorry english is not my first language :c:), i wish i could send you a gif or a short video. But there is this guy pointing his RPG-29 at me and then in a split second he "magically" disappears. This has nothing to do with concealment, this is simply unrealistic. Not even the Green Beret from the "Commandos" games was that fast.
  16. Thanks for the quick answer Lt :ysir2:! I will see what I can do.
  17. Hi SB community! I am very new to your forum but not new to Steel Beasts :clin:. Thanks to Sean's instructions I was able to convert most of my old SB Gold scenarios to SB Pro PE. As I was playing the old "blind Elephant" scenario (where you have to get your tanks through infantry infested woods) I noticed one thing: the infantry seems to be able to bury themselves within a few seconds into the ground vanishing from all my sights. Of course as soon as I turn my turret they rise again and cover me with RPGs . And I am not talking about hiding behind a slope no they drop right into the ground. Maybe this is intended but I think they can bury themselves way too fast. I am also sorry if this has already been posted but I have to admit that I have not read all sites in the content wish list. Besides from that I am very happy with SB Pro PE :luxhello: and I hope that I soon will be able to play a TGIF match with you! All the best from Austria
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