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  1. I'm not in a rush. I'll run debug this weekend and send the files.
  2. I was playing just the M1A2 tutorial. Tried other tutorial for different vehicles and other scenarios and similar issues. I was on ver 4_163 and applied the 4_167 update. I downloaded the latest NVIDIA drivers yesterday 446.14 and reset the graphics in SB to default-they were maxed out and still same issue. RTX 2080 video card with 8MB of VRAM. I have 32 gigs of system board memory. Should I just completely uninstall, download the full 4_167 install and see what happens?
  3. I have a similar video card. RTX 2080 and just installed latest version 4_167 and noticed this: SBProPE64cm_2020-06-10_16-41-20-31.bmp SBProPE64cm_2020-06-10_16-42-50-10.bmp SBProPE64cm_2020-06-10_16-42-59-42.bmp One thing I'm very happy to report is my Thrustmaster T1600M now works. Before it would move around crazily and I would have to replace with a Logitech Joystick. Installed the latest version and the T1600M works flawlessly.
  4. db_zero

    RC Tanks.

    I recently purchased the T-90 and M1A2. The M1A2 has metal tracks and running gear. One of the front wheels had a habit of coming off and putting the metal tack back was a pain. I was going to use locktite to secure the screw holding the wheel, but ended up using elmers glue instead as I read locktite can eat away plastic unless you buy a special version, which costs 4 times more. Other than that I like both of them. The T-90 is lighter and has non steel tracks and is more zippy. I noticed on the box the T-90 came in says that General Dynamics makes the T-90!!!! I find that when racing them its better to just leave all the external stuff off. At some point I'd like to get the Challenger and Leopard. I think Heng Long made some WW2 stuff a while back, but the quality was spotty. I'm going to buy the non steel replacement tracks for the M1 and see how they perform. I also have a small air force of drones and helos.
  5. I really like all your work on youtube and look forward seeing more especially on 4.1
  6. I plead guilty as charged...Back in the day I grew up where computers and the internet never existed in the general world let alone home. Was far more patient and did thing like read books and instructions. Now I'm in front of computer screens at work and come home and spend time in front of computer screens a smart TV and PDA which tethers me to work 24x7 as well as other things like the crypto markets 24x7. Its definitely changed me...not so sure for the better.
  7. There is a youtube video just posted called "Steel Beasts Pro PE - Quick Tips: Converting Maps from 4.0 to 4.1" that I found very useful, especially as I'm someone who doesn't RTFM like I should...
  8. My wish list: 1. M-48 both US and Israeli variants. 2. M-60 A1/A2 and Israeli variants 3. Strykers 4. Israeli M-3 Half Tracks 5. Israeli Shermans 6. Amtracs 7. Korean, Japanese and Chinese AFVs. Its a lot of work to make vehicles playable, so I would be content to just be able to control the above. More work on infantry and urban terrain. It would be nice to have multi level buildings and the ability for the infantry to occupy upper levels.
  9. Thanks. Took a while to get it. I was looking in the mods folder and didn't see anything so I thought I would have to download and install. I also did look in Camouflage Scheme and just saw 2 options at first.
  10. Is this correct? My Russian infantry looks like they are equipped with a rifle that looks like a SCAR. I saw from a the video posted above Russian troops in a more modern looking outfit called Russian 2020? Is that available for download? I don't see it.
  11. So far in my testing, I've yet to see the Armada deploy the top firing smoke screens against Javelins. I don't know if they are manually or automatically deployed in real life. One would think that tank designers are working on or already have some sort of top layer active defense system in the works. Against anything other that a Javelin the Russian APS had a decent chance of intercepting the first one. I've only played with Javelins, TOWS, Milans and AT4s vs T-14/15 so far. The better armor protection on the T14/15 also gives better protection from AT4s that do get through the APS, but results have varied so far. A hit in the right place will cause grief and damage to components is common. The addition of the T-14/15 and other Russian stuff is going to make for some very interesting battles. The few play troughs of M1A2's vs Armadas has been a pretty even affair. It would be nice to at some point be able to play the T-80/90 and Armadas, but the Armada may be difficult as I would think not enough is publicly known and so much is conjecture.
  12. So far it looks like the T-14 Armada stands a decent chance of survival from most ATGM except the Javelin. So far I've yet to see it intercept a Javelin, but it could just be that there is a probability roll that APS doesn't detect or fire (I've seen TOWs get stopped by APS and sometimes not get intercepted)-but so far it appears it doesn't defend against top attack missiles. From what I can gather Armada does have top attack defense capabilities. What I'm also discovering is infantry that gets in a situation where a T-14 or T-15 gets close they are in for a very rough time even if they have AT4s. Not only will the APS intercept the incoming round, but the reactive armor on will do a decent job of stopping it. I've also seen T-14s and 15s shrug off hits to the rear. Occasionally though a lucky hit in a vulnerable area will do the job. Seems that 1 more 2 AT4 vs a T-14/15 is very dicey for the infantry. 3 or 4 gives better odds and 5-6 or more is where it gets interesting. That's in contrast to earlier Russian stuff where in my testing 1 hit is usually sufficient. Might be worth exploring if artillery will damage or destroy the APS and bolt on reactive armor and gives infantry better odds.
  13. I was wondering if APS was modeled, but looks from my testing and the screenshot from an AAR it it! Very nice!!!
  14. Nah its one of those time when you look all over the place for something, then walk away do something else then look again and the answer was staring you straight in the face all the time and you say to yourself duh...
  15. Ignore....I figured it out...duh
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