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  1. Hello I am new to all this and computer are not my best subject , I have down loaded SEC files. into my mission folder. But can any one tell me the mission files ending RAR and, PLN files, how do l open them in steel beast missions ,when l copy them across they are not there ? Paul
  2. Down loads

    Hello Do any of you have any problems when you have down loaded a missions some times , So times when l have down load a mission , and put it into my folder, to play the mission , when l go into steel beast it is not there, but a lot of the time when l down load the mission they are in steel beast . just wondering if it is some people re using old steel beast ? any can put any light on this for me, Paul
  3. Engineers

    Like to say thanks found the file on my computer with all the stuff in.
  4. Engineers

    Hello What keys do you use to lay the bridge on the bridge layers, also what keys do you use to fire the rocket that carries the charge to clear the mine fields, Paul
  5. Down loads

    Thanks l have done that to them all but some do not make it through
  6. Down loads

    Hello Why when l downloads some of the guys battles on here they do not show up in my play list.
  7. Mine fields

    Hello What keys and how to aim the missile on the trailer that clears the mine fields ,pulled by the m113.
  8. Keys for aanti tank weapons

    Hello to who What keys do you use for firing anti tank guided weapons, and where can l find different manual's on steel beast. Thank you 73A
  9. Mouse gone

    Hello Thank you all did the alt+W and sort it out change frame size. Thanks Paul
  10. Mouse gone

    Hello This sounds daft but , l have lost my mouse when l went into the game to day ,there was no mouse l deleted the game and loaded it up again , all you get is the high light of the words, has any one had this, at the moment l can not use steal beasts :-{{{{{{{ But the mouse works ok on the computer.
  11. Mong!!! Lost load start mission

    Thank you for that l was clicking to fast.
  12. Hello I do not know if l can recover, the start up missions that came with the game, what happen l down load a couple from this sight, when l went back later found that they where there, reloaded the sim again , but they where not there ,only just the one that l down loaded before hand , any ideas how to recover the mission which come with this sim. Paul
  13. Attach down loads

    Hello to you all l have found it.
  14. Attach down loads

    Hello I am new to this what it is, how do you add mission of this sight ,from your down load folder, off your computer, and what folder do you put them into in the steel beast folders.
  15. Single Player Missions...

    Hello First time here, how do you load the mission that guys have made on here, l can load them to my down load file on the computer ,But l do not know what to do after that,