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  1. How do I connect a route or movement orders to a condition/event/trigger in the control logic? Like for example if I'm designing a scenario and I want a unit to move from point A to point B if enemy units are detected in a certain area, or have a route that's a continuous loop as if patrolling the perimeter of an area. I understand how the control logic works but I don't see options for this. I am using v4.023. Thanks
  2. It worked. Thanks alot. I have an older Dell workstation I got for graphic arts, mostly photoshop. It does have a 4 core processor (Xeon) and 32 Gigs of RAM but the graphics card (NVS 310) only has 512MB. The main problem seemed to be the level of detail in the ground texture. I tested it by turning all the sliders to zero and driving around different maps and I found that if I kept the camera view to the top half of the vehicle the frame rate was decent but as soon as I panned down to the ground it got drastically worse. It didn't make any difference if it was a map filled wit
  3. I recently purchased the upgrade license from 4.023 to 4.167. 4.023 ran smoothly, no problems, but this new version is simply unplayable with my outdated graphics card. (extremely low frame rate). I've tried everything and no graphics alterations make any real difference. So I am wondering, can I uninstall 4.167 and reinstall 4.023? Will the new license or recent codemeter updates screw that up? I have purchased all the license upgrades since 2.5.
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