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  1. Been away a while, just wondering if there is anything new crewable since version 4.010 or planned crewable coming up?
  2. Works fine for me 980m gfx card, couple year old i7 proc.
  3. Still working my way through the camp hornfeldt stuff, about halfway through now. Tried the tanks scenario and promptly got killed. I have a fairly limited amount of time to devote to the sim at this point but I'll keep slogging forward.
  4. I see your plan, trying to inject some logic and reason into the discussion... :heu: Actually that does make a lot of sense.
  5. Hey now, I am a proud owner of Goat Simulator! It was pretty fun to play a rampaging farm animal. But the fact there is enough of a market for a set of peripherals for Tractor sim just boggles my mind.
  6. Dear Diary, Today I learned that "farming simulators" exist. Yes diary, simulators where you can go drive around and plant trees and farm corn... Furthermore, dear diary the market for these games exceeds that for Tank sims, so much so that they have their own dedicated control panels... This is possibly the saddest thing I've seen. :c:
  7. Actually the spectral response of the Gen0 Photocathode is well within the range of NdYag lasers. S25 photocathodes would probably have issues with it. As for the "time" I have seen LRF's used at night and while its a relatively rapid series of pulses it was also quite obvious and mostly easy to localize to an area. That being said, most modern NVG's come with clip-on LIF's that filter out NdYag laser freqs specifically to get blinded by these lasers. Again, something gen0 warpac gear would not have issues with.
  8. Also check out my FNG thread a few posts down, the friendly folks posted a ton of useful stuff for me download and try out to learn the sim.
  9. Now that I've thought about it. Are the LRF's visible at night? They should light up NVG's like mofos.
  10. Meh, Even with CR-1's and Iraninan tankies I think the outcome would have been the same.
  11. I think the issue is as follows: 1. The warpac tanks show up quite well anyway on TI day or night. 2. Warpac tanks currently have a near zero hope of seeing anything with Gen0 image converters (Which are in my experience over-molded in SB based on what I've seen of them in real life) 3. Giving warpac tanks the appropriate IR lights that would make the Gen0 sights "useful" would be an improvement for them, of course at the expense of being more detectable by TI (and way more detectable by western I2). Its the whole question of the enemy can see me anyway so If I can see something I kind-of have a chance. Also, Illum rounds would be great for night fighting. But as mentioned apparently hard to implement. Also, not sure how other better I2 devices (gen1/2) are modeled for either the east or west, I'm just basing this on what I assume is the gen-0 on the T72m1.
  12. I thought that the stillbrew kits were developed after analysis of knocked out chieftains obtained from the Iraqis from the Iran Iraq war? Which would have been after the Islamic revolution, and the cancellation of western arms shipments.
  13. Yeah IR would actually make night-fighting on the WP side far more realistic and fun, And for both sides especially for pre 1980's scenarios.
  14. Actually, I think an AI TC giving range would be neat feature. It could be "incorrect" however, put in some random +/- 10-20% range based on the TC skill or something like that. And have it take some time (few seconds) to compute.
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