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  1. Once again, thank you for the replies. I got a couple more questions. 1. Is joystick the best way to control the vehicles or is it viable to do so with keyboard and mouse? Joystick isn't really a problem as i have a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS for DCS but just curious. 2. Is it possible to gift time based licenses? I would like to try get a friend or two into this as well, and would like to gift a time based license but not sure if thats even possible.
  2. Thanks for the good and quick answers Gibsonm! How long ago was the most recent "big upgrade"? Regarding the vehicles, i was mostly curious about Warsaw Pact stuff other then the the T-72M1 since i already know alot of western stuff will be in the game for obvious reasons. Any other soviet MBT then the T-72M1? Any other Soviet APC/IFV then the BTR-80?
  3. Hello, i was thinking of getting into this simulator and i figured i'd ask some questions to clarify some things before i decide. I play other (flight) sims such as DCS but new to a ground based simulator. 1. Is the $115 for a new license a one time cost? I know that the license itself is eternal but there is also a "upgrade license" item which made me wonder if there would be additional costs in the future? 2. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Features <- Is this a complete list of fully playable and semi-playable vehicles? I think i've seen vehicles used in YouTube videos that isnt on this list. Hence why iam curious about this. 3. Is there an active multiplayer community in this? Cheers, Skjold.
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