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  1. Thanks for the welcome everybody,i'm sure that sometime in the next couple of weeks i'm going to be on TS and asking for help--just as a start though;what's the best AFV to start learning the ropes with,i know i could be opening a can of worms here.At the moment i'm trying to get to grips with the Leopard2 series--but the CV90's keep catching my eye. Also is there any info on RT do's and don'ts[somehow i don't think"check six old chap and break to starboard"will somehow cut it:lol:] Again thanks for the welcome M ps Hedgehog--- chopping down trees was my realworld job so i can't promise not to remove a few out of professional pride:bigsmile:
  2. I hope this is the right forum for saying hello.Last week i was up all night with an impacted wisdom tooth,and watching utube for something to do.I came across downloads from Steel Beasts pro[TGIF,Finland campaign]-i was impressed. The immersion looked superb and from what I could see-very,very challenging,i've bought the month subscription"toe in the water" i was not disappointed:bigsmile:,needless to say I will be upgrading to the dongle thingy. About me--A ex tree dropper who flightsims for a hobby.I'm already a member of ACG for Cliffs of Dover. As to Steel Beasts pro i'm a long way from joining any online missions yet,i keep getting my views mixed up and my gunnery is bloody awfull:rolleyes:---but hope to find a place in the future. so again hello M
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