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  1. I just tried it and the TC couldn't raise/lower the TOW.
  2. Wish we could do something like this in SB:
  3. Just found out that I will definitely be there and should be on time.
  4. I might not be able to make it this week.
  5. I want A13 but there is a possibility that I might be late or won't make it.
  6. While looking through binoculars click on your unit symbol in the lower right area. Pick "Observe Here" then click on the unit/area in your bino view you want to observe. Go to the F5 (map) view and your unit should have a tactic applied that shows coverage arc with the view bubble on top of the unit/area you selected to observe.
  7. Not an M1 tanker but I saw a conversation between one and other people asking this same question. Apparently the older setup induces less strain on the eyes when spending long times looking through the site, especially at night.
  8. It was fun, but I missed my TOW launcher from the first part of the mission.
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