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  1. You should be able to hit F9 to get in the driver’s spot and F6 for the gunner’s. The person who “commanded” the first vehicle should also be the commander of the tank. He should be the only one able to get to the commander’ position, F7.
  2. It's good stuff. I would like to see more.
  3. When you dismount a platoon’s infantry (when they are all attached to each other) then remount them they generally tend to move to the unbuttoned position.
  4. The only time I have seen it work is when I moved the medic to the dead bodies.
  5. That shot killed the loader and damaged the main gun in the game.
  6. A short version of the most recent Kanium session:
  7. Last night's TGIF, the sort version:
  8. Thank you, Ssnake, for the update.
  9. Last weeks TGIF session:
  10. A short version of last Sunday's Kanium Session:
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