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  1. I can’t get over the constant high-pitched whine those M1s make.
  2. It’s a Chally 2.
  3. I use OBS to record (there is a good video that shows how to set it up, with team speak, on youtube) and Davinci Resolve to edit. Both are free but OBS does ask for a donation.
  4. Depending on the map/mapmaker trees can be knocked over.
  5. Actually there is a vision block for the loader that goes into the loaders hatch. It is usually stored on the turret wall next to the loaders hatch and not mounted till needed.
  6. Not as fun as gunning but interesting in its own right as it takes speed, streangth, dexterity, and agility to quickly reload a round in the confines of a turret. I lament the fact that newer generations of tankers than myself will not know the feeling of warmth and security, in a moving tank, when the empty shell casings start piling up around their boots to the point they can't move their feet.
  7. Properly used, it can be deadly.
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