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  1. Editing Scenario Map

    In the mission editor, under the "map" pull-down menu in the upper left hand part of the screen, there is an option to "extract map." Use this to extract it, rename it, then save it. You can then use the map editor to change the newly made/named map. Start the mission in the editor again, when you have saved the changes to the map you want, and choose "replace map" from the same pull-down menu. Or you can create a completely new scenario on the saved map.
  2. I43, please.
  3. Hummer M2HB MG mounts damaged on game launch

    What mission?
  4. I think, after watching your video and going through the tutorial myself, that you are trying to change the round fired as the gunner. You can only change the round fired as the commander. When your the gunner the AI TC chooses which round to fire and you, as the gunner, must index for the round the commander chooses. If the commander doesn't change the round you shouldn't change the index or you get the situation, that your video shows, of the loaded Sabot round flying over the target because you change the index to a round that needs more super elevation than a Sabot round (in my play through the TC never called for a different round to be loaded). Try the session again but without changing the indexed round and I think you will hit all the targets.
  5. When it tells you it has loaded a HEAT round you have to change the ammo index on the computer. Easiest way is to hit “delete” key once for M830 (double tapping is for the comander to tell the loader to change to a particular round). This will give propper superelevation for the round. This must be done every time a different round type is loaded on American tanks because it is the job of the gunner. On other NATO tanks it is the job of ghe loader to do this.
  6. My AAR file is corrupted. I only have a video of my review of it.
  7. Media Files

    I have heard media files play in a TGIF scenario without loading them myself.
  8. I can get you a copy later today.
  9. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    I will try to be there but might be a little late.
  10. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    Ad hoc, anyone?
  11. E14, please. Gibson, I will be recording but will make arangements to not record you.