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  1. It would be nice if the ambulance were updated/replaced so that it would be carrying dismountable medics.
  2. You could upload it to Google Docs and give the location to your friends so they can download it.
  3. Once, when I was 18, I decided to see how load it was in the tank when I fired the main gun of an M60A1. It sounded like I was in a bell that had been quietly rung from the outside. I wouldn't have done this with the coax because it was completely inside the turret and very load. Hydraulic system wasn't to loud when the pump came on either. The exhaust fan was the next loudest operating item, loud enough to make talking hard but not enough to hurt the ears. Track noise was loud and the high frequency squeaks would, after a time, really give me a headache without hearing protection.
  5. Summer of '79. I should note that while the three types were removed from the tanks we were told that they still were in the inventory and could be issued if there the situation were dire enough. In other words they were still at the ammo depots.
  6. When I went in there were SABOT, HEAT, HEP, APERS, and WP. We were told that the last three would be soon phased out but I don't know when this happened. By the time I got to Germany in the fall of '81 we had 3/5s ADFSDS and 2/5s HEAT on our tanks in the motor pool.
  7. 60 + years old. Proper employment counts even for the newest vehicles. Properly employed even the M60 series of vehicle can be deadly to the newest tanks. That doesn't mean you can slug it out face to face.
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