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  1. Mech Infantry Battalions had an AT Company that consisted of three platoons of 1x M113 (Plt Ldr) and four M901s.
  2. That's a very different TOE than when I was in the 24th, '80-'81. We were designated as part of the RDF, Rapid Deployment Force, along with the 82nd and the 101st. We were to be airlifted in C-5s and C141s out of Hunter Army Airfield if tshtf (thinking was we were going primarily to the Mid-east/Med AO).
  3. But they didn't get them at the same time according to the writer of the document.
  4. Because they had older M1s/M60A1/3s and the M1A1 was just coming out? I really couldn't tell you.
  5. I found this document called "Equipment in USAEUR V Corps 84_86_88." I have no idea how accurate it is. In 1986: 2. 3rd Armored Division: a. The division fielded the M1 Improved Production (IP). This was a version of the M1 Abrams tanks that was armed with the 105mm main gun, but had the armor package of the M1A1. Also, it had ‘turn the switch’ to disengage the final drives in order make towing the tank much, much easier. (Any old tankers can tell one about ‘dropping’ the final drives on the M60 series tank). The M1 IP replaced all M60A3 tanks in the division’s armor battalions except for the tanks in the divisional cavalry. The plan was for the divisional cavalry squadron to go to pure M3 CFV in the ground troops, so there was no need to replace the M60A3’s with M1’s. In 1988: 2. 3rd Armored Division: a. The mechanized infantry battalions completed the fielding of the M2A1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) [Bradley Fighting Vehicle]. The M2A1 replaced all M113’s and ITV’s in the mechanized infantry companies. Each infantry platoon had four IFV’s, three platoons in each company. Company HQ had two IFV’s to replace the M113’s. The FISTV was not replaced. The Battalion HQ had two of its M113’s replaced by two IFV’s. The support units also changed. The support platoon now had eight M977 cargo HEMTT’s, four M978 tanker HEMTT’s like the armored battalions. The M88 medium recovery vehicle replaced the M578 light recovery vehicles. The M578 did not have enough towing capacity to move the IFV. The scout platoon was fielded with six M3A1 CFV’s. The AT Company equipped with the ITV remained in the force. After the first Gulf War, the AT companies were inactivated. b. The divisional cavalry squadron received its M3A1 CFV’s. In 1988 the squadron had no tanks. The cavalry troop was changed to its Division ’86/AOE MTOE. The troop had two cavalry platoons of six CFV’s each. The troop HQ had two M3A1’s. Other equipment was not changed. The squadron also had two air troops. Each air troop had eight AH-1S attack helicopters and four OH-58D observation helicopters. Squadron HQ replaced the two M113 with M3A1 CFV’s. No other changes in the unit. c. In the divisional artillery, the 8” battalion was inactivated and the equipment retired. d. The divisional aviation brigade fielded the AH-64A Apache attack helicopter. The 21 AH-1S were replaced by 18 Apaches in the two attack helicopter battalions. They most likely got M1A1s after '92/'93. Equipment in USAEUR V Corps 84_86_88.doc
  6. I think I have something you can use. I’ll post it soonish.
  7. When I was in: Armor x11 Plt. Ldr. | Heavy Section x12 x13 x14 Plt. Sgt. | Light Section x15 Cavalry x10 M113 x11 M150/M901 x12 M113 x13 M150/M901 x14 M60A1/3 or M1/IPM1 Plt. Sgt. x15 M60A1/3 or M1/IPM1 x16 M113 Plt. Ldr. x17 M60A1/3 or M1/IPM1 x18 M60A1/3 or M1/IPM1 x - Substitute in appropriate company/troop letter. This was before the reorganization that all units went through in the mid '80s.
  8. Some people are SOOOOO ungrateful.
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