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  1. TSe419E

    Button Boxes

    Exactly the video I was thinking about.
  2. TSe419E

    Button Boxes

    I haven't got one but have thought of making one. Gibsonm, it's a, more or less, home-made game controller you can configure to match the specific game someone wants to make it for used in conjunction with other game controllers (HOTAS or steering wheels). They use software very much like the profiler for my joystick so there is no problem with the more than one controller issue.
  3. Nothing wrong with, or particularly slow or inaccurate, with the optical range finder of the M60A1. It just takes a little more crew coordination.
  4. I believe that error is because the map server is not up and running yet. If you copy this, 91ab4634-ec7e-46ef-966a-608b16fe4b5c, and paste it after picking "add download," you will get an updated version of a map (it's listed in the downloads section as Hannover-Weserbergland-M1BT-Camp 1.0.0).
  5. Thanks for the update. FYI M60 tank platoons had five vehicles in them.
  6. AARs showing the area of effect for explosive rounds.
  7. I wish for the driver's interior to be less bright so it is easier to see through the vision blocks, especially at dusk and night.
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