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  1. I tried it in Chrome and Brave and got the same results.
  2. Here. Winter_Storm_Mission_One_Gamefile_Version_2_B_13492_011523M60A11300.zip
  3. While playing a session this afternoon I noticed that when the TC in looking out the view blocks in an early dawn situation his view of the turret has a strangely phosphoresent look to it compared to when he is standing up outside the hatch and looking at the same area.
  4. TSe419E

    Towing bug

    @Gibsonm Does this happen in your classroom sessions?
  5. TSe419E

    Towing bug

    It is known. It caused by the player(s) computer(s) and the host server being out of sync and then suddenly having two vehicles in the same spot instantaneously. Make sure both vehicles are “owned” by a single player (this is usually not necessary if pulling out of a hole or river feature ie. a very short distance). Drive with a March order at most. Avoid trees and buildings which cause major course corrections. Tell people not to hop in and out of either vehicle including yourself. Don’t let anyone ride in either vehicle to operate the weapons. But this is not guaranteed.
  6. When we switch to the 2nd phase Badger (aka Raven434th) or Higgs can be my gunner, if needed.
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