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  1. Would you check the arty on the Blue side, please? The briefing said we had three batteries which I assumed were 3x6. Calling three arty missions created one and had two "waiting for approval." Same when I tried three missions with two tubes each.
  2. I believe the second option mentioned should work. Open the MAP editor then click on "Open Default Map." Go to the upper left and pick the "File" pulldown tab. Select "Map Package From TER" then the map from the next list. Click next, etc... Here is the package I created when I wanted to play one of your scenarios. 378309786_NavyengorodEW1.zip
  3. Red CO, Valleyboy, was a client. I was Blue CO. Later, when I loaded the AAR. Video of the AAR right after the session does not show the ditches on the map during playback. I don't remember if I ever looked at the 3D view when the scenario was over. Sean was the host and I don't know if he saved the AAR. I don't know about Valleyboy, either. The last made me curious and I looked. They are in the wrong location, where they were at the start of the planning phase.
  4. It was the final scenario of the TGIF campaign Firefight 79. They (there were three) were adjustable by the Red CO in the planning phase. 010115_FULDA-GAP_1989(edited) Map UID: {639e3bf9-e7d9-47d9-a537-a9495cebfc9a} 1569402183_Firefight79-S10-4259a.sce
  5. Missing from this picture from the AAR are two tank ditches (one under the emplaced bridge, the other along the tree line in the distance). The emplaced wire shows up in the 3D view but is not on the map view of the AAR
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