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  1. If you add a scenario after Steel Beasts has been launched you might need to close SB down and restart it. And be sure that this is the file path to your "My Scenarios" folder: C:\Users\Username\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\My Scenarios
  2. Scmidgaden_1B_1.ter and Schmidgaden.hgt maps for the ULAN vs Pizarro.II scenario.
  3. And down arrow lets the commander see what the gunner sees.
  4. In my experience as an M60A1 gunner laying the gun on target while the TC has his head outside the hatch is an acquired skill. I remember seeing most TCs practicing at least a little when in the field and a lot when on the range. I had a couple of TCs the were good and a couple of TCs that were excellent.
  5. I was in an online session recently where one of the participants was using a Mac (of an unspecified type), running a program that let him run Steel Beasts in windows, and an external GPU. He said he was getting a solid 60 fps with his configuration.
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